Friday , July 30 2021

The strange moment, when the flight passengers saw, as the airplane's turbine was disarmed

The airplane had to return to the Las Vegas airport as the cover of one of the turbines began to disarm two after a takeoff.

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The passengers of the flight 260 of Frontier Airlines It lived a thin experience to see one of the motors of the airplane It was broken and falling in the air. The flight went from Las Vegas to Florida.

The people on board managed to film with their mobile phones at the moment, which is part of the cover of one of the turbines of the airplane It was spent shortly after the takeoff maneuver. The flight crew immediately requested the return to the airport, making emergency landing and none of the 166 passengers suffered injuries or damages.

"The engine continued to work normally and the airplane, Airbus Al320, landed well, "said the airline. They also announced that they will compensate the passengers with the total cost of the trip and give them with an extra $ 500 bond.

"Security is our main priority Frontier Airlines and we would like to recognize the professionalism of our pilots and flight assistants, "concluded by Front.

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