Monday , June 21 2021

They discover a mechanism that could help recover memory to patients with Alzheimer's

Alzheimer's is a devastating neurodegenerative disorder that destroys the brain, and until now it has no cure. There are only treatments to check or delay your symptoms. However, scientists at the University of Bubalo (New York, the United States) discovered a new approach to treatment, which could one day reverse the devastating loss of memory.

The research published on Tuesday in the magazine & # 39; Brain & # 39; A focus on studying epigenetics, which studies the changes in the expression of genes that do not obey the change of DNA sequences.

Epigenetic approach

These epigenetic changes that are typical of the disease occur mainly when patients can not keep the information just learned and have a marked emotion. Scientists say that the key reason for this defect is the loss of glutamous receptors that are critical for the learning and coming soon, says Zhen Yan, leader of the research.

"Approaching epigenetics can correct genetic network which collectively restores the cells to its normal state and will fill the complex function of the brain, "says Yan.

The research was not only responsible for identifying these factors, but also found ways invest them temporarily. For this, the team of scientists used mice carrying genetic mutations for the family of Alzheimer's type (where more than one member family suffers from the disease), which were injected with compounds designed to suppress the enzyme that controls the genetic modification. They showed wonderful changes in their recognition memory, space memory and working memory after receiving the solution.

Although the improvements only lasted a week, researchers are working on refining the administrative method, so that it has a more powerful impact, according to the EFE agency.

In any case, it is reported that these results do not guarantee that the same effects can occur when applied to people, or even to other types of Alzheimer's.

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