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They judge former Miss Universe to run and kill traffic inspector – 11/15/2018

Rosio Santa Cruz, formerly Miss Argentina, began trial this Thursday Have crashed and killed with your car traffic inspector He came home after a day's work. Experts have established that young people Driver under the influence of alcohol.

The defendant, who is a lawyer and was an example, arrived at the beginning of the hearing and avoided looking at the relatives of the victim, Ramon Victor "Tofu" Cabrera. And at the first hearing he chose Do not announce Before the judge and juvenile justice Cesar Raul Jiménez.

The accident on which he was taking place occurred at dawn on 31 January 2016. Santa Cruz (33) drove the Pigg and his 408 through Cuarenta Avenue and reached 111 Street, It hit the back of Cabrera's motorcycle, Who died almost immediately.

The young woman, who is the lawyer of the AFIP, He did not stop his step and hid the car in his house. The police found him a few hours later because a taxi driver managed to follow her to the house. The moment they passed the alcohol test, the former missed Argentina 0.8 grams of alcohol in the blood.

On the first day of the trial, which stated was his partner, Claudio Ferreira, the man did not hesitate to blame the media of "Stigma" Rossio and never asked to hide the car. He said Santa Cruz had attended a dinner earlier with former co-workers and that he had just returned to warn that the car had hit the front. "I woke her up and we even had an argument, but she said it He did not understand how the damage was done"he said.

Irene Farra and her children, in a photo of 2016, demand justice for the death of Ramon Cabrera.

Irene Farra and her children, in a photo of 2016, demand justice for the death of Ramon Cabrera.

In his statement, he claimed that at any time they asked to compensate the family of the inspector who died in the crash "because we are still engaged in insurance," he said.

The police expert who worked at the accident site, Juan Carlos Vasquez, claimed that Santa Cruz did not keep his distance from the motorcycle and that he was going Speed ​​is higher than permitted. In addition, it is confirmed that it is under the influence of alcohol.

The Cabreras said that until yesterday the Santa Cruz lawyers had asked to arrive Exceptional agreement To prevent the young lawyer from sitting on the pier. The first proposal was $ 400,000 and in the days before the trial it came up 600 thousand dollars.

The defendants sought to cover her face with her hair, and when she sat on the bench the defendants did not apologize to the inspector's family. Next Wednesday he can get a trial of Up to five years in prison.

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