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They presented the processor that will enable the next generation of notebooks: this is the Snapdragon 8cx – 07/12/2018

After the announcements reported to the world of the Android, specifically to the presentation of the platform Snapdragon 855 and progress on issues 5G, the semiconductor company Qualcomm He could not leave his other big bet: the laptops. And the one in charge of fighting in this segment is the new processor Snapdragon 8cx that on Thursday he won all the leading role in the last day of the Top of Snapdragon in Maui, Hawaii.

More small and powerful That the current processors, this processor created for the next generation of computers adhere to the concept of "always always and always connected" that the American company was called commercially Always Connected PC.

The Snapdragon 8cx is formed inside the new Kryo CPU 495 Of eight cores, Evolution that does it fastest never designed, facing the Snapdragon 835 and 850, for example.

With a bigger cache than the previous computer platforms, the Kryo 495 allows you to multiply more quickly and with greater productivity for users, surpassing performance expectations From current computer designs making them thinner, lighter and without traditional fans.

To it adds Adreno 680 GPU, its graphic processor more powerful never designed. It stands out among its virtues that it can double the memory interface from 64 bits to 128 bbs wide, and with a higher performance than Snapdragon's previous computer platforms. A fact that will favor users who are looking for quick browsers, with a resolution of 4K and that consumes very little battery.

Sanjay Mehta, SVP Computers Products, Qualcomm

Sanjay Mehta, SVP Computers Products, Qualcomm

On the other hand, Snapdragon 8cx indicates the Snapdragon platform is ready for Microsoft's operating system for the first time adapted for ARM: Windows 10-Enterprise.

And if it's about energy, Snapdragon 8cx increases the performance Use a fraction of the energy Required in comparison with its competitors, they assured. This allows a Battery life for several days and always active connectivity. In addition, it is the first platform for PC compatible with Quick Charge 4 + technology to offer incredibly fast loading.

"With the performance and battery as our design principles, we bring 7 new innovations to the computer space, allowing the Capabilities similar to those of smartphones transform the computer science experience, "said Alex Katouzian, senior vice president and general manager of mobile devices at Qualcomm. Bugler.

It is also equipped with Aqstic audio technology, a set of tools that they have included included advanced audio codices, intelligent power amplifiers and advanced audio and audio software. This package allows computers integrated with this Snapdragon 8cx processor to offer High definition wireless Bluetooth audio, and increases the accessibility and choice of smart voice support such as Cortana and Alexa for advanced users who use them in their computers.

The new Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx was presented in Hawaii.

The new Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx was presented in Hawaii.

If you are looking for in this kind of laptops on your versatility, this platform blown on cell phones offers support for USB 3.1 of second generation on Type C and PCI-E of a third generation for unlimited peripherals. This represents that users can now Connect up to two monitors 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) to your device that has the Snapdragon 8cx processor.

As for links, a very important fact in this class of computers is that it will be the first in its kind start the way to 5G. The 10th modern LTE modem included in the Snapdragon 8cx is designed to help telephone telephone operators use the spectrum and expand the capabilities to relocate large amounts of data at incredibly fast speeds.

Until now, ASUS (Boca Going), Lenovo (Mixture 630 and Yoga 630), HP (Envy) and Samsung (Galaxy Book 2) There are some of the brands that have Snapdragon processor devices in a segment historically led by Intel and AMD, respectively. With this platform aimed at maximum efficiency with the lowest possible use of energy, the Qualcomm target, a priori, will be vanguard of the next generation of laptops.

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