Sunday , January 24 2021

They stopped after pursuing the head of the Platense bar accused of kidnapping

On April 29, band of at least three unknown people with pistols on board R., daughter of Luis Rosales, alias "El Gordo Papa", from Bolivian nationality, sentenced to the federal criminal court number 6 for six years in prison to regulate cocaine delivery, today under house arrest at home. They threatened her, beat her a little, tied her up with seals and took her away. So, it started one of the most dark and most lucrative extra kidnappings of recent times.

"Two million or the drug!", the prisoners telephoned to the mother of R., just 18 years old. The house in Rosales, where the child was kidnapped, was robbed four times before: The Federation found weapons, almost a kilogram and half of cocaine divided into bags and crest, 600 thousand pesos in money.

They negotiated much less, 297 thousand pesos, although much more than the 30 or 50 thousand pesos, usually pay for capture and release in the attacks of the Western Access. R.'s mother donated the money Backpack in the neighborhood of San Rita de Boulogne, accompanied by a man of the PFA. Meanwhile, the court recordings recorded the abductions, in case of the public prosecutors Carlos Rívolo and Santiago Marquevich, owner of the UFESE, the wing of the procurator dedicated to kidnappings for rescue.

Finally, the attempts and suspicions led to the Miter district, the heart of the Platense barrage, on the other side of the highway and its patio on the Zufriategui street. He fell Kevin Torres, son of "El Raba", a historical head kingpin who was a figure of United Puffins next to another. Kevin, who finished in the Ezeiza penalty, challenged arrest for prosecutor José Campagnoli, who was looking for him in shooting in Barrio Miter in 2017: Kevin went to the Pinar de Rocha album at Ramos Mejía and sent the photo to her almost 3,000 Instagram fans.

For Rívolo and Marquevich, it was missing one more piece, something with more hierarchy in the fans: Alejandro Acosta, "The Old Tom", with current acceptance.

Yesterday he was arrested, but "The Old Tom", 27 years, would not be transmitted so easily.

Research sources confirmed to Infobae That yesterday at 6 pm, persecution began in the Miter district, when Brigades of the Central Functional Unit of the Federal Federation have seen Acosta, who lives in the Miter, on Peugeot 308. Acosta began, Accelerated and hit several cars, on the way to Panamericana.

All finished in Panamerica and Rolón, at the height of Boulogne: "The Old Tom" He got his car to the sidewalk after collective locked him and continued foot. They intercepted him a few meters.

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