Friday , July 30 2021

Two new features of WhatsApp, which will prevent you from sending error messages

For months, WhatsApp set about modifying some features of messages. One of the executions was to remove the sent messages, to start signing the messenger, who shares text and, at least in some countries, cut the popular chains. However, now, the developers think to go one step further: add two confirmation examples to avoid the spread of messages by error.

Once this function is enabled, the user who wants to promote content through WhatsApp and several people at the same time will find a series of previous instances. On the one hand, the preview of how we will send, and on the other hand, we also have an additional step in which the program asks us to confirm the message in question.

Although both innovation features are only available in the Android version of WhatsApp's Android mobile phones, it is hoped that they will soon come to stable versions of iOS and Android. With the changes introduced in this latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android, the messages will not be sent directly right now, we have to choose to "share" and then select the contacts, but we will see a preview of the exact content we are. Send so we can review and customize as we want. And also, before it is sent, the confirmation request will appear.

In this way, as is indicated by WhatsApp, the user will have more ways to reduce the ability to disable a message to a specific contact list to a maximum.

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