Saturday , July 31 2021

Valve will give more benefits to developers on Steam

The digital distribution market is becoming increasingly competitive, so companies must adjust to the current dynamics and make some changes more and more attractive to both users and developers.

Therefore Valve has confirmed a series of modifications to its contributions to distributions in Steam. By publishing in its platform's forums, the developer said it was looking to find a new balance between the many participants of its distribution and thus to remain one of the most attractive choices in the market.

Valve has created new levels of income for games that generate more than $ 10 million on Steam. In these cases, the benefits will be shared between developers and Valve at 75 and 25%, respectively.

Games that generate more than $ 50 MDD, will have a distribution level of 80 and 20%. Total income includes both basic game sales, expansions, DLC and other items. Thus, developers will receive higher profits and are probably more interested in watching their games on Steam.

On the other hand, the company also made some modifications to the data security agreement on sales. This implies that Valve partners can share sales data from their games when they think fit.

In addition, Valve members are already working on new tools and features for developers in the areas of promotion and marketing. With future changes, Steam expects to have greater penetration in other markets, more methods of payment and infrastructural broadband infrastructure.

Valve continuously improves the security of its platform thanks to vulnerability detection program. A few weeks ago, he paid $ 20,000 to a chess, who found a blame on Steam.

Everything indicates that it is time that the platform of play has a significant change in its appearance, at least according to some images leaked. Find all Steam information on this page.

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