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We talk to Fabio Sand (Huawei)

Fabio Huawei Sand

In 2012, with the introduction of the first P-gaming of Huawei, no one could predict the growth that the company would reach years later. The passion and commitment to innovation are the two pillars that made Huawei position as the second manufacturer of all, over Apple. The Huawei Mate 20 Pro was considered as the best mobile phone of the year 2018, and the Huawei P20 Pro had the pleasure of presenting a whole trend in Android, Night regime operated by AI.

As members of the community tech, we have no doubts about the keys of this growth, how and why they could and wanted to implement it with the help of the EMUI and Kirin's own processor, and also the future plans of the company. That's why we talked Fabio Sand, Production Manager at Huawei Consumo Spain, to learn about the firm perspective on the aforementioned issues. The company is committed to Artificial Intelligence as the main bulk bank, and to be different from the rest of the rivals with hardware – a software combination that is completely personal.

Huawei on the way to the top 1: we talk to Fabio Sand, Product Director

10 years of constant growth

Return of the Huawei P8 Lite, with room and sparkle

Seeing the data published by the company, we are keeping upward trend since 2011. Recently we announced that Huawei plans to seek top 1 in world sales in 2020. What were the main points for this growth?

At this point and without a doubt, the commitment to innovationours associations with clients (operators and other merchants) and the customer service. HUAWEI is a company with incredible reactive skills and we are "the Asian giant" capable of incorporating the latest in the latest even before the market could generally assume it. In recent years, we have gained confidence with our main customers and have managed to get our products offered in a range of options, very clearly that we have one or more devices for each client and, also, generating a great advance in quality, a contribution that allowed Let us accompany us at the moment at the Premium range even being awarded as "Smartphone of the Year", something that has never happened until now and is the result of the constant effort of development / innovation. One of the key factors has been the associations with different brands (see Leica, Porsche Design, Google, Amazon, Pantone …), which allowed us to see our brand's brand as a more aspirational concept and not just a smartphone directory

What is Huawei from the rest of the current companies?

I'm back to the front point, passion and commitment to innovation which allows us to create broken products that set up trends. A clear example is shown by P20 Pro, a device with a Triple Leica camera that we could prove that It's not about Marketing, but about advantages and photographic options taken forward.
Our experience in Telecommunications (as the main provider of networks and services worldwide) makes our background solid and allows us Know the market needs much better. In addition, we are one of the few global manufacturers that make their own chips and not market with themso that we can benefit from our technology and integrate it into our productive umbrella. Things like making our kit let us have the Most powerful battery life system on the market and the fastest load developed in our own laboratories without relying on third parties.


We know that Honor works independently of Huawei but … is there a problem with his presence to introduce medium terminals, considering the price-quality connection and device similarities of the second company?

Indeed, Honor works completely independent of his structure and strategy. For us we do not suppose any distress, however from the end of the day, hanging on the same thread the effect created in the market generates a symbiosis against competition. Honor has marked (as his own strategy) a customer profile very "his" and in HUAWEI we have another completely different. A clear example is that who wants some conversations, does not want Nike, and vice versa (and they depend on the same umbrella).

Huawei smartphones, inside


Talking about Huawei is talking about EMUI, a part of the company's DNA. What added value does the user really contribute to more "clean" alternatives such as Android One?

For us EMUI is our operating system. We know that our entire portfolio is Android, but worldwide we talk about EMUI as the basis, because we have a specific division that works in "hardware manufacturing" between hardware software, and today it is what allowed us to set up "The Android brand with the lowest rate", which shows that customer experience, therefore the strategy, is very successful. In our terminals we offer user-friendly experiences that you would like more or less (this is very personal and it is not possible to please everyone), but clearly that during the years EMUI has evolved very positively and the operation is exceptional (I put as an example clients that still have a P8-liter and it works fluid without breakdowns, obviously considering the system's limitations and system requirements for current Apps)

Huawei bet on Kirin for years, in a semi-final and high range. What is the reason for this distance of Qualcomm

Again back to the previous one, it's clear hardware / programming integration strategy which has worked very well from the beginning and demonstrates the integrity and consequence of this company to bet its own methods. Qualcomm is a great company with many great processors, in fact we also have some chipsets and possibly in the future, yet after years Our own hardware offers us a very good user experience And it tells us what's our way forward …

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Artificial Intelligence is one of the new pillars for Huawei, especially in photography. However, sometimes we notice their presence as an agent responsible for a little more than supersaturating images and providing a little real value. What is the purpose of Huawei with the AI ​​and how do you plan to improve it in the future?

That's right, we have put us as an IA linked directly to the brand, and that is an excellent work that was done by the team of MKT, who had a very clear AI strategy to "possess" the concept and get that brand-linked link technology. We are one of the 3 most important technology companies in AI development and that's something exceptional.

More than saturating the image, we could integrate a system capable of recognizing almost 4,000 images per minute, showing that our smartphones are adapted to the conditions. It is true that the image earns a more "vibrant" color It's nothing that a user does not apply to upload a photo to their favorite networks. We have studies that show the high percentage of users that apply filters to photos, and even better, the type of filter used that matches more colorful photography with more finished WOW.
On the other hand, we have managed to set trends and position ourselves as "The best night photography" thanks to the application of AI, which detects that the Smartphone is held free and applies a long exposure for 3-5 seconds with an ISO of up to 108,000 (never before seen in the industry) conserving the integrity of the scene and doing a superb counterpart.

Among other things, the AI ​​applied apply the auto portrait without the user having knowledge or have to take care of choosing ways, as it happens with the wide angle in our newest Mate 20 / Mate 20 Pro, which recommends us When it is fitting to shoot with a wide angle, if the scene requires it, or also the Supermacro, which appears automatically, if you bring the lens close to something, so that the user, without needing to know it, will recommend getting the most versatile photos.

Continuing with the photography theme. What exactly contributes to the collaboration with Leica in the high range, and how to integrate a practical German company with Huawei?

I come back to the top, all this alliance with Leica, which comes from the HUAWEI P9, has allowed us to develop with time progressive functions and, above all, without following anybody's tail. We got implement our own systems like the monochrome mode, now Super Zoom, Night Mode, SuperMacro … All this comes from an alliance that started with P9 and has evolved over time with the wisdom of a leader in photos such as Leica, who He has offered us resources and has helped in all the news stories from the last years doing Smartphones like P20 Pro or Mate 20 Due to the devices with a better and more versatile camera, marking ahead and then on Smartphone photography and (most importantly) setting trends, leading and without "imitation" technology


See tomorrow

Other companies begin to centralize efforts in the middle range, because users refuse to pay up to four figures for an intelligent telephone. Does Huawei continue to bet on the prize segment or will it increase the high levels?

We have the weekly sales data at home level, one of the things that happens is that The segments that increase, are € 200-400 and + € 600 up to € 1000, which indicates that we must continue to travel very strongly in the medium range to continue to be the kings of the medium range as in the last 2 years (and in this regard, evening a year with a very strong bet of our part). However, we have spent those years, in which we have increased sales, until we have been able to sell equipment from 500, 600, 900 and now until 1049 with the recent Mate 20 Pro, considering that in this segment there are only 3 manufacturers and us There's growing … something before 3 years would no one imagine and we managed to justify with the commitment to innovation. Say that The "easy" in this industry, is selling terminals of € 100-200-300 But where it really costs to reach it is € 600, because there are many innovations and investments in order to gain consumer confidence and finally establish your brand even coming from another one before

Do you expect a stable trend in the market, or do you think that some companies can surprise and start to slow down Huawei?

As you know, the company's goal is Guides the sector worldwide by 2020, there is something that we work every day and also, we support incredible growth in the last year in volume and value, so we trust to continue working to achieve our goal, but always with your feet on earth and humility, which is one of the weapons that characterize this company and this Asian culture. Any brand that enters this market will welcome and clean and diversify the market and for the main merchants. In fact, it is necessary not to stop the innovation and the intensity of development.

What are Huawei's main future plans, besides their expansion and growth?

To get our technology to more people, connect better and more people with the integration of our 5G networks, listen to our customers, keep getting worse on ours post-sale service and of course continue betting I invest in R & D which allows us to guide the innovations of the industry, and to maintain that we are a reference to compare.

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