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What to do if the Nintendo Switchover Joy does not work or do it badly

In a console, as in any electronic device, there is always the possibility that something is not successful, both launch and with the time. When a console starts to fail, or something does not work properly, we start eating our heads, thinking that it's already broken and we should send it to the SAT. However, most of the time is the actions that are in our hands, so that everything works as it should.

The Joy-Con by Nintendo Switch is one of the controversial points of the newest console of Nintendo. Yes, they allow us a terrible freedom to play in both laptops and desktop mode.

They have high-quality sensors to allow movement without external receivers, HD vibration and we can play two players, each with one of the small controls.

However, all this technology can work very well, or interrupt in some cases, whether it's guilty or not of Joy-Con itself. Then we'll tell you What to do if the Nintendo Joy-Con Switch does not work or do itl.

What to do if the Joy-Con will not work as they should?

With the launch of Nintendo Shuttle in March 2017, there were some users who reported Synchronization or failures in the left Joy-Con. This caused that the game could not be well-controlled (and for shooting in Zelda Breath of the Wild with a driver so much, it was quite complicated), but Nintendo took letters on the subject.

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It was a factory error that was corrected in subsequent models. However, although the controversy was not over, yes Joy-Con may not work or may not work When we use them in wireless mode. And, as you know, they use Bluetooth technology, and nowadays we have many devices connected with this technology and Wi-Fi.

Before seeing what to do if the Joy-Con does not work, let's see what the possible cases are:

  • The controls of Joy-Con lose connection to the console.
  • They respond intermittently, making it impossible to play.
  • The characters move alone or do not answer the way we want.

Once seen the manifestation that Joy-Con does not work as they should, let's see what is the solution that Nintendo gives. The first thing that the Japanese company tells us is that we make sure that the console is updated, as well as the Joy-Con itself, which is also updated. Obviously, it is also interesting to see what is the load level of the controls.

Now, if the problems continue, you have to take a series of jealousy. The best thing is to avoid putting the switch:

  • Behind the TV
  • Near the aquarium.
  • Behind a metal object.
  • Surrounded by cables
  • Less than one meter of devices such as wireless speakers or wireless access.

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This is complicated, because the easiest thing is that we have the router with us, and other recommendations that the company gives us, is that we are moving devices such as mobile phones or laptops, wireless devices and microwaves.

If we try all this and Joy-Con is not working yet, it's time to call the technical service, something you can do with the following link.

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