Saturday , July 31 2021

With a large audience, the second night of the Tourism and Mission Cuisine Festival took place

With a large audience, the second night of the Tourism and Mission Cuisine Festival took place

The most important tourist and cuisine event, for free, takes place on the fourth section of the Costanera posadeña, on the grounds of "La Cascada".

With a climate that invites you to leave houses and under heaven, which allows you to appreciate the light of each star, hundreds of people approached the "La Cascada" site, located on the fourth section of the coast, to be part of the Second Night of the Tourism Fair and Miserara Cuisine.

"We all have Missions" says one of the stars and this phrase materializes in the place. Although the event is physically occurring in Posadas, the whole province is represented in that physical space, before the Parana river. From north to south and East to the West, no one wanted to mistake the year's most important and cuisine event.

At each station there are rows of people looking for information about all the services provided by the sites of the interior, the places they need to go and the activities that can be done, before the next summer season. Those who come to the place, also have the opportunity to taste the best kitchen mission and even the characteristic fauna of Earth-Colorado has its space.

"We were afraid to come because we did not know how the economic situation could affect the national level. The truth that justice has so far exceeded our expectations," said Eldorado's businessman. Online Missions

The Ministry of Tourism of Missions, José María Arrúa, described the "first" event of the first night of the event (it was yesterday) and proud of the balance that has reached the right to date. "When you watch the families walking and enjoying the place without any anxiety, you feel proud to be a missionary and live in a quiet province," said the official.

"We have been able to generate a business event, abroad, where people will come to look for our tastes, our landscapes," he added.

Tomorrow will be the time to finish the appointment. Meanwhile today, participants enjoy the live shows and the presentation of schools makes sambas from the missionaries carnivals.


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