Monday , June 21 2021

Youngest child Red revealed the difficult time he had lived after the birth of her Rita daughter

Benjamin Rojas talked about the difficult moment that had to take place after her Rita daughter, born one month earlier than planned and spent two weeks in neonatology.

Sometimes the good news is accompanied by difficult times. And that happened to him Red Benjamín when her daughter Rita was born, who was born premature, a month earlier than expected, forcing her to stay two weeks in novocatology.

"He has come to invest my world, and he succeeded." I'm back home today, after the past 13 days in neonatology at Los Arcos Sanatorium, a place that I will never forget, because of professionalism and love, they must face such delicate work … Translated all the emotions along with the chest (from Fiera, which is a bank of everything) We spent Christmas and New Year. We have all gone through, but it was worth. "Welcome to my love." Now yes, happy year for everyone " Red Benjamín in Instagram post.

Previously the actor spoke in an interview and told how this was a difficult moment. "It was a very difficult stage that we did not expect. Time is over, we spend the two parties there with a group of wonderful people, the nurses who are like angels. We did not care about anything, we were where we had to be and where we wanted, "he said. Red Benjamín.

"The mother behaved as a lioness, she requests a lot to feed herself … be. So, when I came home, I tried to help her, for a walk, to walk around the block. And now we're staying there. the show, I grab it and I have it with me so Martina can rest "closed Red Benjamín.

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