Monday , June 14 2021

AFL delisted Free agent: Daniel Manzel signs with Swansea Sydney

The Sydney Swans gave Daniel a lifeline, signed the free-floating cat for the 2019 season.

The AFL confirmed on Wednesday that the paperwork was filed by the swans, with the signing of a deal for a year.

Manzel, who has scored 104 goals from his past 52 years, will provide some necessary help to help Lance Franklin and Swansea.

"Dan is a great talent and proven top-level operations with Geelong, bringing a wealth of relaxed experience to our team, and we are confident he can add real value to our team," said Barbary's new boss Charlie Gardiner.

"Dan has shown tremendous character to work through the challenges of his injury in his career so far has shown his past three seasons because he still has a lot to offer at the senior level.We hope that changing a scene and a new environment will only strengthen his football.

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