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Australia: What do Australians think about the nation's celebration on January 26?


January 26, 2019 17:39:04

Every year, the Australians discuss whether to hold an Australian Day on January 26.

The date marks the anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet in Sydney. But for many natives and Torres Strait Islander people, it represents the beginning of the loss of its land, people and culture.

Some alternative dates have been proposed for Australia Day during the years, but the holiday is unchanged.

So we've asked for our audience on Facebook Messenger for their thoughts.

Many said they had no longer feel comfortable celebrations on the Day of Australia on January 26.

"I just feel it's not something I can excite about now. The times have changed and we know too much to be ignorant." – – Adrienne B

"I really like to change the date … I fully understand why January 26 is a difficult date for indigenous Australians. They have to deal with a whole rewriting of their history and the idea of ​​the current Government wishing to legislate to make Jan 26 the constant date of the Day of Australia makes me furious ". – – Carolyn S

"We celebrate the fact that we have stolen a country from the indigenous people. Imagine, if another nation has stumbled on our banks, we have killed many of us and drowned us in sugar, alcohol and have become slaves, and then to empty it has decided to hold a celebration every year on the same day … there would be riots. "- Ray C

"I love roasting, a summer public holiday and a party with family and friends – everything is great in my country! But if this particular day damages people in our community, if it's a day of sadness and mourning, and if [we can change] The date to make it an inclusive date that all Australians can celebrate, then let's do it. "- Bridget C

So some have chosen from the celebrations today

"We will have a quiet day, since we will not feel comfortable with a celebration of this. We need a conversation or solution to determine how and when to celebrate a national day that includes all Australians." – – Denise O

"I feel more and more guilty of celebrating Australia's Day, choosing to resign from my usual festivals today. I think that all Australians can enjoy and show their gratitude for this nation, we have to change the day of Australia Day to Something that embraces the history and tradition of our multicultural Australia ". – – Charlie P

"Sitting it. Genocide does not have to be celebrated." – – Bastiaa V

But others believe Australia's Day should give rise to celebrating the country's achievements and how long it has come

"The Day of Australia is our national day to join us in celebrating the success, opportunity and lifestyle that we all enjoy here. Every agenda of changing the date is insulting and seeking to share this great nation." – – Adam M

"I believe Australia's Day would have to celebrate Australia's cultural fusion. Hundreds of years of immigration have led us here, and I think it's something to celebrate. However, I believe it should be an official public celebration. to celebrate the wonderful Aboriginal culture! "- Shannen Al

"It's a day to celebrate modern Australia, I celebrate our indigenous heritage, our cultural diversity and our Australian lifestyle. I wanted to change the date, but I believe that the campaign has taken away the reason why we are celebrating Australia's Day. It should happen to celebrate our society as now. However, I respect the reasons to want to change the date. "- Alyza B

Although some said it was just another day

"Australia's Day is just an opportunity for me to get penalty rates, I do not feel the need to have a day to celebrate being an Australian. I thank every day to live in such a big country. Having a Federal Day & instead of Australia, I Certainly, many people are happy. But at the end of the day, I'm not worried about it. Every public celebration is a day for me to enjoy. "- Samuel W

"I think the politics of the day have prevented it from Christmas and Easter. It's just another public holiday where I get a day." – – Michael M

And others held around the triple j countdown

"We will usually go to a buffalo barbecue with friends to listen to the triple j countdown, but now the countdown does not happen, we have a calm weekend." – – Holly C





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