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How to Get Autumn Plains Plains in Spyro 2

How to Get Fall Plains Plains of Spyro 2 (Spyro Reignited Trilogy)

There is a large collectothon element to Spyro 2, which includes the floating floating balls around the world. Autumn Plains is home to a huge castle with two Orbs, in particular, that are intricate to reach. here How to Get Autumn Plains Orbs in Spyro 2.

If you saw the bullets on the floating island near the castle wall to the southeast, you would know there was no way to climb. It also seems that there is no place high enough to jump to its position. But there! You just need to locate a hidden vortex to get you there.

First, make your way to the top-level upper castle (two levels), and work your way to the staircase opposite where he reads "Gulp's Observation". Climb to the top of the stairs and you will see a gray brick wall to the right. This wall can be broken, so charge through it.

You'll find yourself in a little corridor. There is a vortex at the end, so approach the storm and it will sweep you up to the next level. Emerging on this new level, grab all the gems in the immediate vicinity before taking a swirl to the left.

Now you are at the highest point of the castle, and if you look southeast, you will see the island with the wheel in the distance. We're going to make it jump! So get some run up and fly to the castle. On the way, you'll also open the long jump trophy.

boom! One ball. Now turn and make a careful jump to the castle wall. Take left and head all the way along the castle wall until you reach the white wall. Smash the wall down and you will find the third wheel.

So you have it, that's all you need to know How to Get Autumn Plains Orbs in Spyro 2. For more useful guides on the Gold Trilogy, be sure to look for

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