Monday , June 21 2021

On November 26, NASA will be streaming live InSight at the moment of landing on Mars on their channel website

At 3 pm. EST On November 26, NASA will air live video with an active interpretation of Insight's landing on Mars, and public viewing parties will be held all over the world to see Mars's first landing in six years.

If you want to see the first Mars landing in six years, prepare yourself, because NASA will air the important landing of Insight on Mars's "Elysium Planet" on November 26 on their Web site and on the TV channel.

as Taslerty Reported that NASA first landed its voyage with the Atlas V rocket, which carried it to Mars on May 5, and that in another ten days the plane would land on Mars at 3 pm EST The mission control at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California will not only provide a video stream Live of InSight's landing, but will also give a running commentary on it.

However, because NASA's InSight landing does not have a video component, its actual descent will not be captured.But it will all be made up by images of a lander landing down to Mars which will be reported to be displayed during its descent and landing if everything goes well.

The name InSight for NASA landing has been shortened from "internal investigation through seismic investigations, geodesy and heat transport", and its work will include taking seismographic data it collects from the Mars surface to help scientists learn more about the core of Mars. , The lander will artificially generate seismic waves by boring probe deep into the surface of the earth.

If you are concerned at all that NASA's date live stream of InSight landing on Mars may vary, not be.Although rocket launch dates may definitely vary or be delayed due to a wide range of issues, whether technical or weather-related, the official date of the aircraft The Insight touch on Mars is well timed, and even if NASA should somehow want to change the date of landing, it will prove impossible because of the physics involved.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with seeing the live video stream NASA will provide comfortably ensconced on your couch or glued to your computer monitor at work, there are plenty of viewing parties that you can attend if you wish.

All these are open to pubic, will be held in libraries and scientific facilities around the world, including places such as the ZEISS Grossplanetarium in Berlin, Germany, the Cité des des Sciences et de l'Industrie in Paris, France, Times Square in New York City and Westwood Library Les, California. A complete list of all the hosts of these parties has been viewed courtesy provided by NASA.

Whatever you do on November 26, do not forget to prepare for NASA to watch the live video stream of Insight's landing on Mars.

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