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Beatrice Egli on the ARD with a transparent and damp top – silly high-rise slogan for the first time


Soaking wet: Beatrice He.

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Do you like it that way? Beatrice Egli was bad on TV – now shows the ARD again in "Do you understand fun?".

Palma de Mallorca / Baden-Baden – Malle is only once a year! This also applies to a special program "Do you understand fun?", Which airs on Saturday (17.8.) At 1:15 pm in the ARD.

Mallorca / ARD: "Do you understand fun?" – Summer theme also with the movie Beatrice Egli

Moderator Guido Cantz will welcome the audience. Although he is now critical, but is "Understand the fun?" 2020 and 2021 will be present, as the dpa has said now. For the Mallorca summer issue on Saturday, the responsible SWR dug out "the funniest 20 movies with last year's hidden camera," the station reports in advance. Even one that caused a stir a few months ago.

ARD: Beatrice Egli goes over with "Do you understand fun?"

Swiss singer Beatrice Egli (meanwhile 31) was right-handed, we reported at the time. She is reportedly shooting a trailer for the television show "The Big Hits from the Southwest", with her famous colleague Isabel Varell sailing across the water in a rowing boat. First there were bizarre calls from Varell ("rudder, helm easy"), then it happened: Varell was overloaded.

Beatrice He jumped after Isabel Varell.

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Beatrice Egli torched a maximum of a brief moment, which she used for numerous "delightful" calls. Then he took off his shoes, hurried off and helped his colleague to the shore. Where both arrived completely drained with the movie crew.

Beatrice Egli: It's still wet – and it's a silly saying above

After renewed force of expression Beatrice Egli stated: "My shirt is a little transparent" – and then received a slightly unsuccessful comment from Varell: "Can you show though, but have wood in front of the Hütt & # 39; n, it's nice." Presumably this saying will be heard again on Saturday.

Beatrice Egli performed poorly on "Do you understand fun?". Are you really good at making the creators re-download the clip (here the full YouTube cover, excerpt above) again? When he first aired, the singer was in the studio. She humorously took the incident and laughed at it. But not only. "That wasn't just fun. I was scared too," she stressed. Before she laughed again.

Wet fun: Beatrice Egli had to endure a lot on the ARD show.

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One of the protagonists of "Do you understand fun?" – Saturdays include Otto Waalkes, who recently surprised himself with a new look. In addition, among others, Mark Forster, Tim Mälzer and the Ehrlich Brothers.

A few days ago Beatrice Egli inspired the fans with "Le Li La" moment of her vacation.

Video: Beatrice Egli is pleased with everyone with this detail in the picture

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