Tuesday , January 19 2021

Börse Express – Greenpeace asks for a rapid reduction in wild exports abroad

Appearance to Minister Köstinger and EU Commissioner Hogan: Only European foods guarantee GMO free and protect against rainforest destruction

Vienna (OTS) – On the occasion of the European defense conference in Vienna, which starts today, Greenpeace requests a rapid reduction in the import of soya from countries like Brazil or Argentina in the EU. Landland from the foreigner has not only been genetically modified, it also causes the destruction of rainforests. Austria is only about 500,000 tonnes of soybean each year, of which at least 350,000 tons are genetically modified. The conference will be invited by the Minister of Agriculture Elisabeth Köstinger and the EU Agricultural Commission Phil Hogan. Greenpeace calls for a European initiative to switch to the power of Europe to rapidly reduce foreign imports.

"Genetic engineering in European nutritionists causes massive environmental problems in the countries of origin such as Brazil and Argentina," says Sebastian Theissing-Matei, an agricultural expert at Greenpeace in Austria. "These soybean varieties grow in recent monocultures and with plant toxins such as glifosate. This affects the environment as well as the local population." Just yesterday, a green test showed that even a pig with the red, white and red AMA-quality seal uses a genetically modified soya from abroad. On the contrary, milk, meat and eggs are already produced entirely in Austria without genetic engineering.

"The problems caused by the cultivation of GM soya in other parts of the world have long been known. It is a long time that the Minister of Economy and the Hogan Agriculture Union of Business have no longer ignored the problems. They must promote an initiative for rapid reduction of these destructive imports, "requires Theissing-Matei.

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