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Börse Express – HTI cannot pay salary for daughter Gruber & Kaj in due time / Due to liquid bottle


The listed Upper Austria car and
An aviation provider HTI High Tech Industries can raise wages to its
Daughter Gruber & Kaja High Tech Metals GmbH not timely
to pay. Reason is a shortage of liquidity, coming out of one
HTI issued from Tuesday onwards. The wages would be August 15th

"The HTI is continuing its discussions with investors and is looking forward
related results within the next few days, ”states
the broadcast continues. There was no comment on APA request,
How many employees are currently working for Gruber & Kaja. in the
Fiscal year 2017, the company hired out loud
242 employees of Economic Compass and posted a loss
Taxes (EGT) amounting to 8.87 million euros.

HTI has not yet released any issues for 2018. Only in the
June was the publication of the annual report for the second time in
moved this year. At that time the results were reported to be
"expected to be published by August". As a trigger for the
Change has been "persistently talked to and discussions led by investors
Related delays in financial reporting
a subsidiary of HTI ".

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