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BVT Affre: Neos turn on justice against the cycl

BVT Affre: Neos turn on justice against the cycl

Vienna. Even before the minister's testimony on the committee, "24 Contradictions" was collected.

BT: Naeus turn on justice against Cicl

Stephanie Crisper Image: APA / HERBERT NEW BUILDER

Herbert Kickel (FP) appeared on November 27 at the BVT-Affre Inquiry Committee. The leader of the Noose faction, Stephanie Kreisper, wants to receive "24 contradictory statements" by the interior minister and his secretary, Peter Goldgruber, who have already gathered to pass this on a statement of facts to the prosecutor. For example, Kickel hid in parliament that he himself had been in contact with those four witnesses against the BVT which his Cabinet presented to the prosecutor. On U's committee, Ursula Pee, one of the witnesses, reported on a meeting with Kickle at the FP Club.

Goldgruber, who has already appeared on the committee, denied that he had gone to McClellan with the mission of justice to "clean the office." This is exactly what is written in the diaries of the investigating prosecutor.

Since the motive of Krissper Kickel is clear: After the Nazi book of songs of the brotherhood of the FP candidate, Udo Landbauer, appeared in the campaign of N, acted "out of fear of the VP Network" at the BVT.After the raid and suspension (temporary) BAT Peter Gridling did not bring any success, and Kickle would now give the Umfrbung a reform by "serious touch".

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