Friday , June 9 2023

Change of collective agreement: Fronius officially becomes an industrial company


Several years ago, the industrial supplier Miba managed to change the business with a plant from the collective agreement (KV) of the more expensive metal industry. Fronius goes the opposite way: by 2020, KV of the electrical and electronics industry will apply to the 3000 employees in Wels, Sattledt and Pettenbach.

Fronius cites his own growth as the reason for the change. "Our corporate characteristics are now more applicable to industry than to business," says managing director Elisabeth Engelbrechtsmüller-Strauß to OÖN. Even on the de facto empty labor market in the central region, the more attractive electrical and electronic industry CT is a better argument. Engelbrechtsmüller-Strauss says the company has been oriented to industrial CT in recent years.

The union has long been adamant that large companies, such as Fronius, Keba, the leading baker Resch & Frisch or Josko with their main job, are officially business ventures. The union therefore also speaks of a "milestone". The solution shows that "switching from commercial to industrial CT is a major challenge, but not an insurmountable obstacle," says Reinhold Binder of the production union. Karl Dürtscher of GPA-djp says that especially the electrical and electronics industry shows that economic success is not possible, however, but because of the good protection of the employees. The official representatives must also help that Engelbrechtsmüller-Strauss was vice-president of the Federation of Austrian Industry for two months.

Changes are mainly in the right frame – see box – and in the advance. In the industry there are automatic growths every few years. In industry there are those growths agreed upon in annual metal-wage rounds – and those that each individually strives for. Also in the industrial-KV December 24th and 31st are free all day, not in the commercial KV. There are also differences in the possibility of leisure. The company did not want to say what additional costs Fronius would face.

Comparison of collective agreements

metal industry

  • Skilled workers starting pay
    2205 euros (minimum wage in wage group 3)
  • notice periods
    at four weeks old – one week
    at one year – four weeks
    at five years – eight weeks
  • employer termination possible on each last day of the working week (52 appointments)
  • Waiting for a credit period up to 22 months in total
  • overtime paycheck during the 11th and 12th hours and from the 51st hour 75 percent
  • No jubilee money

Electrical & Electronics industry

  • monthly salary in employment soldier D 2206 to 2405 Euro, later Biennale. Triennalsprünge
  • notice periods
    to two years – four weeks
    five to fifteen years – three months
  • employer termination possible for last month (12 appointments)
  • Waiting for a credit period up to 22 months per child
  • overtime paycheck during the 11th and 12th hours and from the 51st hour 100 percent
  • anniversary bonus after 15 years of monthly salary, two after 35 years of service


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