Friday , June 9 2023

Elke Hofmann: Stroke at the dentist


Hofmann was sitting at the dentist as her arm suddenly thundered and veiled over her eyes. "I just thought why the dental assistant was playing with his rubber gloves on me, and it was my own buried hand lying on my arm," said Hofmann, who didn't initially notice what was happening to her. Her main concern was not herself: "I wanted to go back to my daughter, who was eight months old and at home," recalls the 37-year-old, who could not put on the jacket and just murmured. have. Fortunately, the dental office staff evaluated the situation and responded quickly. Because only three simple tasks help to recognize outline.

After the rapid test, they took the patient to a neighboring family doctor. It was immediately clear: She must go to the hospital immediately. But exactly the alarmed rescue helicopter had flown away. Despite the delay, Hofmann arrives at the clinic in a timely manner, so that she has not suffered any permanent damage.

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