Monday , June 21 2021

Experts warn about the virus's virus in babies – health

Do we meet another wave of flu? According to experts, not necessarily, but the RS virus could be dangerous for babies and children. It is manifested by cold symptoms and is therefore often underestimated or misinterpreted.


Have you caught the flu epidemic?

According to the Pulmonary Information Service, respiratory synchronous virus is the most common cause of acute respiratory infection in creatures and children's children up to three years.

Although the RS virus can affect older children and adults, but usually develop only mild, cold symptoms. In newborns, however, an infection can lead to bronchiolitis or, in the worst case, to pneumonia. This can be extremely dangerous especially for the small ones.

The clinical symptoms can be difficult to detect, especially in newborns. One is found, according to among other things:

>>> Mostly higher fever, often stolen

>>> Fast and superficial breathing, high heart rate

>>> Cough, often with a green or reddish sputum

>>> Breast or abdominal pain, especially when cough

>>> Often the child inhales the nails (naza respiration)

>>> Blonde belly

>>> Also meningite symptoms and apathy can accompany it

>>> Disappointed and reduced food

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