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FC Bayern: "Gegröle and Gejohle" – Uli Hoeneß organizes a team party at Tegernsee


An exciting match for the Bayern team. President Uli Hoeneß invited to the big party in Tegernsee. Not only did the "Bavarian Olympics" provide an excellent atmosphere.

Bad Wiessee – The exhausting preparation is over and it has now been allowed to let the Bayern stars go well for a day. Uli Hoeness had been invited to the party at Freihaus Brenner, right next to his own farm. And the mood was great.

Uli Hoeneß invites Bayern team to a big party: A party promise for the future

With a picturesque view of Tegernsee, the FCB stars were able to enjoy an opulent buffet at the Edel restaurant. Thanks to the blinding weather, the party was obviously a complete success.

However, it should not be such a merry evening. Hoeneß was in a good mood and promised the team: "In this good weather and good mood, the season should not only start, but also stop. And I promise you we will meet again for a great party!"

Bayern celebrate – overseas market leaves Brazil but no peace

Three, whose work takes place near the square, but apparently couldn't afford a free head. In addition to the Sané injury and some broken transfers, such as those of Hudson-Odoi and Hakim Ziyech, there is a great need for action on the soon-to-be-closed transfer market.

According to this, Hasan, Salihamidzic of Brazza was also very busy on the evening of the holiday and often on the phone. He seems to have a lot to do. But trainer Niko Kovac and general manager Karl-Heinz Rummenigge reportedly left their cellphone during the meal barely out of reach.

Secret team building at Bayern: Bavarian Olympics in the woods

The most awesome part of the party started at the beginning. the image reports of secret team building in the forest. From there, "rumors and rudeness" should be heard, the whole underlined by braille music.

What exactly Bayern did at their "Bavarian Olympics", you can only guess. In any case, Uli Hoeneß was enthusiastic and confessed to his opening banquet speech: "I would like to cordially greet you with my wife in the Tegernsee Valley and I am pleased that Karl-Heinz and my colleague from the presidency, Dieter Mayer, have also come. That was a good idea – to do the Bavarian Olympics as well. "

Bayern party to complete the preparation: new arrivals must sing

It's a common ritual in football clubs, newcomers have to be quiet. This also made for a happy mood at Bayern. The title choice was finally terrible.

Lucas Hernandez took advantage of the opportunity and along with Javi Martinez not only inspired fellow countryman Thiago. Midfielder Martinez accompanied the French watermark on the guitar, while providing traditional seafood for Iberian sounds.

That he has years in La Liga Spain in the blood, he also demonstrated by his atmospheric performance of the dance hit "La Bamba".

The other new subscribers were of course also being asked to the microphone. Only Hansi Flick succeeded.

Jan Fiete Arp even brought Uli Hoeneß with the classic Gröl "Country Road", Cuban talent Sarpreet Singh loudly accompanied the entire team on Justin Bieber's "Baby".

But most laughs were made by Alphonso Davies, who gave his own rendition of the perennial Whitney Houston "I'll always love you" at best. The high notes will not hit all Canadians.

Even the new ones we won't see on the square didn't come because of their serenity. Analyst, Soner Mansuroglu, convinced by "Ain't No Sunshine" and Physicist Florian Brandner tore through "marble, stone and iron breaks" again.

Relentlessly and in the best spirit, Niko and Robert also sang the classic Nena "99 Balloons" in the Kovac duo

Celebration from Brazil: Rafinha celebrates with Bayern

That he left his heart at least partly in Munich, proved the summer of returning to Brazil Rafinha by live-switch.

Via FaceTime he landed on Manuel Neuer's cellphone and was taken to the microphone. He roared loudly and all the obviously happy stars had their old comrades on this excursion after all with you soon.

Now only one more training awaits Tegernsee and then FC Bayern will start on Monday in the DFB Cup in their first competitive game of the season.

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