Sunday , May 28 2023

Handshake forgotten: Tyrol died accidentally with a fork


Assling – In a work-related accident involving a handgun, a 42-year-old was fatally wounded Tuesday afternoon in Assling. Despite a quick reaction from his work colleagues, the man died on the spot.

At 4.30pm the Tyrolean wanted to dump the blacksmith's truck on a sloping outdoor area. He probably forgot to put the brake on his hand – the vehicle started rolling, the man pursued. When he finally stood by the device, this came with the right rear wheel on a growing slope area and bent to the left. The 42-year-old was ambushed by the cab of the overturned van.

The co-workers were at the scene and lifted the pick-up truck with another – for the injured worker, however, some help came too late. (

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