Saturday , May 27 2023

Harmonious OS: Huawei's Plan B or Android full replacement?


After months back and forth, Huawei dropped the cat out of the bag a few days ago and introduced its own smartphone operating system. It is called Harmony OS and should – if it follows the handset manufacturer – already be able to fully replace the established Google Android system.

Background to the idea of ​​a separate operating system is the trade dispute between China and the United States. In mid-May, US President Donald Trump placed Huawei on the blacklist of banned companies due to security concerns, making it difficult for US companies such as Google to deal with the Chinese telecommunications provider. Without further consent, this would mean the permanent loss of the Android license for Huawei.
While many Huawei users were concerned about the Android license, Google initially thought it was safe. A US company has applied for an exemption from the government. After all, it would end the cooperation with Huawei bad for the safety of the users, they trusted Google. Overall, according to media reports, the Commerce Department received 50 applications from US companies regarding such exceptions. However, a decision is still pending.

Is Huawei going its own way?

The biggest surprise came from Huawei itself. Although the company is suffering from the sanctions and Huawei had to cut more than 600 jobs in the United States, the Chinese have shown self-confidence. In May, manager Richard Yu announced he would be ready to deal with the case.

The reason for the good mood: With the presentation of Harmony OS, the group also followed these ad actions. If Huawei will no longer be able to use Android in the future, "we can switch to Harmony OS immediately," Yu said. Doubts he rejected: The software is "safe" and different from Android and iOS. The system is also faster, more flexible and more secure than Android.

The fact that Harmony OS is by no means a carelessly fast shot shows the fact that Huawei has been working for two years on its own operating system. And to prove additional determination, Huawei plans to release the first version of Harmony in China later this year. Huawei has said that it works on all kinds of network devices, Huawei said. The software should be accessible to all open sources as well as Android. With Honor Vision TV, a network is coming up, which is the first Harmony OS-based device.

First overtures

Huawei's signal is clear and unequivocal: With its own operating system, the group could declare its independence from Google. That's not all: Since the OS also has to support Android apps, it would actually be a serious competitor. But Yu is quiet: Huawei is pushing for a complete departure from Android. Harmonic OS is just "Plan B".

Anyone who believes that Google will not impress with such ads is wrong. A week ago, Google re-added Huawei to their company list of comments without comment. In the course of the trade embargo the devices were removed. In addition, Huawei ensures that the Mate 20 Pro will receive an upgrade to Android 10 Q.

Coincidence – or a sign of easing sanctions? It remains to be seen if and when the Sino-US trade dispute will be resolved. Both Huawei and Google have already shown that it will not fail because of the goodwill of those affected.



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