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Kickl locates "pressure of the old ÖVP" «


The OVP chief ruled out that Herbert Kickl under his leadership could again become a minister – and that he would again leave the Minister of the Interior to the FPÖ. Sharp criticism came from former Vice Chancellor Strache.

3:08 pm, July 31, 2019

Former Minister of the Interior Herbert Kickl © APA / HANS PUNZ

ÖVP leader Sebastian Kurz excludes that former Minister of the Interior Herbert Kickl once again becomes a minister of Turkish-Blue government under his leadership.

In "Zib 2" on Tuesday evening, the former chancellor stated that the current president of the FP club should have no place in government: "He has by his behavior in various places disqualified as interior ministerHe then did not react to the height of the Ibiza crisis in a sensitive phase for the government and the republic. As a result, he no longer has my faith to rule. "

short It also governs to leave the Interior Ministry again to the FPÖ, Could Kickl FPÖ club president stay in a possible re-election of the turquoise-blue coalition, Kurz leaves but open. Such a coalition is not excluded for the ÖVP, they will speak after the election with all parties.

In four-eyed talks and phone calls with Kickl following the announcement of the Ibiza video, the then Interior Minister would have a "lack of sensitivity" to address the cause of the day – which is why the coalition is over. "The Minister of the Interior did not want to support the Enlightenment," Kurz said.

"Party loyalty is higher than desire to serve the Republic"

In the shredder issue Kurz emphasizes once again that destroying five hard drives is one a preview acted to protect confidential data from "leaks": "In some cases, party loyalty is often superior to the desire to serve the Republic." He does not understand the charges where but also to change his predecessor Christian Kern (but not privately by staff under a false name, but in the official way) media were destroyed.

According to a statement from the former vice chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache, Kurz personally ordered extraordinary hard disk destruction, says Kurz, "this is an absolute lie."

Kickl: "Pressure of the old ÖVP"

Former Minister of the Interior FPÖ Kickl has behind the announcement a brief, wants to occupy the Interior Department regardless of which constellation itself, "Pressure of the old ÖVP" located. This must be "huge," wrote Kickl on Wednesday on his Facebook page.

Because it was initially said, "I as a man" no longer has to be Minister of the Interior, "then no more freedom," Kickl argued. As of yesterday it is supposed to be "ÖVPler" again. Short attempts "to simultaneously play a new ÖVP and stay old ÖVP." However, this is not the case, according to the current executive chairman of club president FPÖ: "Every day more and more people see through this wrong game."

FPÖ Secretary General Harald Vilimsky once again warned against a turquoise-green coalition after the election. "Latest" after yesterday's "ZiB2" was "clear" that the ÖVP with a short topic on this course, he said in a release.

Strache's sharp criticism: "short shows are a real face"

Late at night, a former deputy reported Heinz-Christian Strache to the interview. Soon, in ORF, he showed "his true face". This had it first, Strache "to break free as successful vice chancellor and serious competitor" and now he excludes Kickl as a minister. The old ÖVP's "took over again".

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