Saturday , May 27 2023

Lena Meyer-Landrut with a dreamy body: "gun license" – a fan with a bold guess


Lena Meyer-Landrut is apparently enjoying her vacation in Germany. Your perfect beach body, however, must arrive well in every way.

Where exactly is Lena spreading here? We can only guess, tap the mouth of the lettuce. At the very least, it looks a lot like the former ESC winner on home leave at Hanover.

Whether bathing in the waters of Lower Saxony or elsewhere, most fans will not care. Anyway, the background of this bikini image is all in the …, well … background.

"Gunsuitable": Lena Meyer-Landrut skin fans with a bikini image of the stool

"Again a gun license camera," a fan jokes. Surely "weapon need" would be the right word, but in euphoria such a mistake can happen sometime. In any case, he is not the only one who is pleased with the beach body of the 28-year-old. For some, a flame or a heart emoji is enough, while others express their thanks for contributing 763 characters.

"Fans are shocked": Lena fan with a fun wait

A Wikipedia user timidly looks forward to an article like this and suspects the caption: "Short photo, fans are shocked." Of course, Lena is shocked by the slightly tame cartoon, of course no one. On the one hand you know much more attractive pages from her, on the other hand, most of the user's opinion of Lena will follow: "You just have a beautiful body, that's not bad."

Lena Meyer-Landrut in Playboy? Fan expresses a frivolous guess

The male fan base is, as usual, very stationary. "Are you already betting when Leni appears in the Playhouse?" A frivolous guess is fired on the net. Or a purer hope?

Anyway, it's nice to see that Lena Meyer-Landrut can enjoy the summer to the fullest. And it's not just the Lena fans earning their money during the holiday season.

With "no top" photography, "taff" presenter Rebecca Mir ensures enthusiasm for her followers.

So greeted by Verona Pooth, Joyce Ilg and Hollywood star Liz Hurley – the latter two even without topos – even television commercials with delicious comics, one of which is not necessarily used. These include sports moderator Anna Kraft, ARD journalist Mareile Höppner and even boulevard expert Frauke Ludowig.

Lately, however, the nerves at Lena Meyer-Landrut have faded. After a paparazzo photo, she wore her senses on an Instagram story.

More about Lena Meyer-Landrut in the video: She wants to be an actress

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