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"Linzer Tabakfabrik" is to be the "European answer to Silicon Valley" »Leadersnet

Details on "Strada del start-up" presented.

With "Strada Del Start-Up", Tabakfabrik Lynch creates a production line of 230 meters for start-ups and innovators that is unique in Europe. Shortly before its official opening on 20 November 2018, "Strada del Start-up" has been hosted by many residents.

Innovation ecosystem on nearly 3 thousand square meters

Details of the project have now been presented at a press conference premises of "Strada del start-up". Of the 57 office units that are currently being completed in the inner city streets and provide about 300 jobs, about 80% are already "populated," that is, delivered. Together with factory300, Strada del start-up is an innovative ecosystem covering nearly 3,000 square meters and provides access to rooms, events, networking, capital and talent.

There is also a park with Hollywood swing, market, fancy hotel, niches, corners, lanterns, ropes, street signs and graffiti art. The project is played and supervised by the city of Linz, Upper Austria district and private initiatives – tobacco plant in Linz, factory300, Creative Zone Linz & Upper Austria and tech2b.

Linz is to become the most innovative city in Austria

"Linz is making the most innovative city in Austria – a European response to the founding culture of Silicon Valley – the foundation for this is a thriving start-up scene whose promotion is my main concern," Mayor Klaus Luger said at the press conference. "With the Strada Del start-up, we at Tabakfabrik Lynch create an inspiring ecosystem with ideal conditions for young companies, which should be one of the best addresses for the founders."

"Strada del Start-up" refers to hardware and software start-ups, on the one hand, and the start-up companies on the other. Turns to established companies looking for innovative founders.

Theatrically, the road will lead into the digital future and revolve around technologies such as virtual reality, blockchain, learning machine or artificial intelligence. Specifically, the concrete implementation of technical innovations in the industrial environment will be the focus. Another focus is on "Work & Life" on new work environments and companies engaged in lifelong learning, organizational structures, gender gap, or office architecture.

The baptism of Strada del start-up on 20 November 2018

As part of a festive opening, the Strada Del Start-Up will officially open on Tuesday, November 20, 2018, starting at 17:00, with a traditional street by the Mayor of Linz, Klaus Luger. The opening street festival program will begin at 15:00 on this day.

Traveling through the new "High Street of Innovation", its residents will be amusing with creative attractions showcasing recent technological advances. It offers a multi-faceted program, from simulations to virtual reality 3D printing to try it, to graffiti workshops. And at the culinary and musical level, the street is the central theme – offering street food and street music. (as)

Shows from the press conference can be found here.

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