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Memory full? 5 Tips for Space on Your iPhone – Multimedia


When your phone is full, you don't necessarily have to delete photos or apps. With these tricks, you free the device from annoying digital garbage.

Mobile phone storage is often a scarce commodity. And especially for high-cost connected iPhones, because the memory on Apple's mobile phones – unlike many Android models – can't be extended with an additional card.

For example, the iPhone XS with 512 gigabytes costs more than 360 euros more than the identical device with 64 gigabytes of memory. So it quickly happens that there is no space on the smartphone to download an album or take some photos. But there are ways to clear the memory without having to separate important data.

Delete chat history

Over time, a lot of data accumulates when actively used in the news app. Especially photos and videos need a lot of memory. However in iOS it is possible to automatically remove older wikis of SMS and iMessage.

In the settings under Messages you can find the "save messages" item. There the user can choose whether the data will be deleted after 30 days, after one year or never. The shorter the deadline, the less data accumulates over time. However, important photos or videos should be kept in advance.

Do not save photos twice

With the iPhone there is a so-called HDR mode in the camera app. By doing so, photos are taken with much higher contrast. However, the recordings are stored twice. Once as usual photo and once in HDR version.

This is not necessary. If space is tight, you can turn off the double saving in the settings. Under Photos and Camera you must disable the "Retain Photo" option for the "HDR" item.

Delete local data

Various streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon, Spotify or Tidal offer the ability to download content for offline access. So you can watch his favorite series on the plane or elsewhere without the internet.

So if there's still a season of an already-watched series or the complete work of a classic songwriter on the iPhone, you need to remove them. Advantage: You have room again and the loss is limited. The content can still be downloaded or downloaded again if needed.

Remove browser cache

So-called cache is a cache in which much used data – for example from a web site – is stored so that it can be accessed faster. If you go to the Internet a lot with the Safari browser, you will accumulate a lot of data over time.

To delete the data, you can in the settings under Safari the option "History and delete data from a site". After that, some websites take a little more time to fully charge from the internet, but the impact is usually negligible.

Externalizing programs

The fifth tip for making more space on the iPhone is the outsourcing of unexpected software. In the settings under> General> iPhone memory, unused programs can be removed or completely deleted. When you delete documents and data, then you can download the application again.

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