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Michael Wendler: Laura shares a photo and fans notice a derogatory detail – Panorama


Michael Wendler: His Laura shares a photo, then the fans notice EVERY shameless detail

Michael Wendler: Laura's fans notice a disingenuous detail.

Michael Wendler: Laura's fans notice a disingenuous detail.

Photo: fancy pictures / Gartner

Does this really have to be Laura Müller? The Laura, the Schlagerbarde Michael Wendler the 47-year-old's head was twisted? At least her fans think: Laura doesn't look like herself.

On her Instagram page, the 19-year-old has now posted a photo of herself, even for the record of her sweetheart Michael Wendler praised and celebrated. "You're just wonderful," is his comment. But he doesn't seem to realize that his oh so beloved better half actually has a gangster gang.

Michael Wendler: Laura posts a photo, then fans notice THAT

And that means: Sarah Lombardi. What a resemblance! At least some of their fans think so. They immediately write: "In the image you look like Sarah Lombardi", "I also thought straight", "I also thought … In all the pictures she is made up she reminds me of Sarah Lombardi",


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In the "summer house of the stars", however, there was no confusion. Because Laura was simply Wendlers- "Schaaaatz, let's hide" -Clammäffchen.

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And was very happy, after ejecting the other TV cameras eeeendlich again to enjoy the comfortable togetherness with Michi.

The two now want to distance themselves, let the Florida sun go down and probably continue where it left off in the "summer house of the stars" bed. (JHE)

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