Friday , June 9 2023

Microsoft: After Apple, Google and Amazon – now also an interception scandal with Skype


In addition to Apple and Amazon, Skype also listens to its users.

© photo alliance / dpa / Andrea Warnecke

A media report reveals that Microsoft is listening to recordings of Skype conversations. At risk is anyone who uses a specific function.

Skype is an online video calling tool that is estimated to benefit one and a half billion people worldwide. No wonder then that the temptation is great to gather information from private phone calls. As it turns out, Microsoft, the owner of communications software, has done just that – and joins the illustrious lineup of Apple, Google and Amazon. They all listen to their users.

Microsoft: These were related problems or weight loss

US "Homeland" magazine reported that Microsoft employees sometimes listen to recordings of conversations when the translation feature has been used. Since 2015, Skype has been offering this feature, which is now available in eight different languages. For example, registered user-registered users involved connection problems or weight loss. However, the identity of the users is omitted.

Delicate passages in Skype's Terms of Use

The Skype Terms did not expressly state that the recordings of the translation feature could be intercepted. However, there are formulations that indicate this. It's "automatic transcripts parsed" and some fixes embedded in the system, it says according to usage patterns.


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