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One-year-old Fletcher has twice-blood poisoning – and then leukemia


He's only one year old – and he's had to participate as much as others in their entire lives. The state Fletcher Smith just passed chicken pox deadly blood poisoning pulled. Only three weeks later he was done with him leukemia diagnosed.

"He is still a relatively bright and happy boy, but he often feels ill with moemo," Father says James Smith the Publishing network Germany (RND).

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In early July, the nearly one-year-old Fletcher fell ill chicken pox, His two older sisters also had the disease – he became infected. But in a few days, Fletcher's head swelled, and his mother took him to the hospital on July 3. There the doctors diagnosed one sepsis – the child's life was in acute danger.

His face swelled like a balloon. He couldn't open his eyes and felt terrible, "he writes Kerry Smith on a gift page. The boy was being treated at the hospital – and soon his condition had improved with antibiotics and other illiterates. Fletcher was allowed to return home to his family in the south England and celebrated his first birthday there on July 23.

The shock diagnosis: acute myeloid leukemia

But only a few days had the family healed. Because on July 25, Fletcher got a high fever again, the mother brought her offspring back to the hospital – and became acute again. blood poisoning detected. These also survived the one-year period.

However due to the susceptibility of the small immune system, the doctors performed further tests, when these were not clear, he was after Bristol transferred to the children's hospital – in the end the following shock diagnosis occurred: acute myeloid leukemiawho are mostly very old people. The hematopoietic system and the bone marrow of the young man have been attacked – untreated leads to the disease within a few weeks to death.

"When we heard that Fletcher's cancer we have collapsed. It felt like someone was kicking me in the chest, ”Mama says Kerry Smith the "Daily Mail".

A mother lives with a son in a hospital, a father with daughters at home

The little fighter already had his first chemistry – still with chickenpox residue on his face – further treatments will follow. In the next seven months, Fletcher will be in the Children's Hospital in Bristol live with his mom. Dad James He remains with the boy's two sisters, five-year-old Olivia and three-year-old Florence, at the family's home 65 miles away.

"It's terrible not knowing if we'll still have our boy at the end of this time," he says Kerry Smith, Even in previously healthy adults, the chance of survival is on average 70 percent. So far Fletcher suffers from the theotherapy, he has severe pain, his heart beats irregularly. mom Kerry and dad James Smith so sit by his side with each dose of moemia.

"He passed the first round on Tuesday, the first ten days," his father tells RND. "His mouth is hurting and his hair is falling – and it will get worse." The family focuses on the important thing: the hope that the child will survive through the pain treatment.

Father gives up work for family – financial hardship

"He has days when he's very happy, sitting upright and playing – and then we almost forget what's going on. But he also has bad days and I feel dead," he says Kerry Smith the "Daily Mail"She didn't realize what was happening – it was too much at one time. Father James Smith reports to RND that doctors and nurses have already fallen in love with the boy. "He always laughs and stomps with the staff."

The father gave up his job as an electrician to be completely there for his family. He looks after the daughters and bets between the place of residence and the clinic to support his wife and son. Ultimately this is difficult for the family – after all the cost of living wants to be covered and the bank did not allow the mortgage on the house to ever be canceled.

That's why the family started fundraising. on Facebook Friends have started various projects, including through the GoFundMe crowdfunding platform the family can be helped. The caller uses dad James Smith Also point out the fate of his boy and that of other sick children: "So maybe we can help others," he tells the Publishing network Germany,

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