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"The Bachelor": Crazy row with a confusing confession – HE loves an RTL star


In "The Bachelorette" 2019: Today is a harsh confession: One of the candidates really loves a bachelor's degree candidate.

On RTL, the third episode of "The Bachelorette" 2019 will be on Wednesday from 20:15 clock to watch. Anyone with premium access to the streaming service TV Now can watch the new episode starting Saturday. And it has it all! Apparently, one of the candidates is playing the wrong game with Gerda. He's already trapped! Then it also comes out: He loves RTL star! Ironically, a lady who recently joined The Bachelor.

Spoiler Warning! If you do not want to know whose correct candidate to play the wrong game, then read on!

On the other hand, the story is really cursed. Believe us! Anyway: We warned you!

Bachelorette 2019 today: Does a candidate have a girlfriend?

Even the dress that selects Bachelorette Gerda for the third night of roses suggests it will be unbridled: In black, she meets the remaining candidates. Okay. Completely not in black, some glittering elements are on her skirt. But black reigns.

The reason for the bad suit is learning the candidates as soon as Gerda Lewis appears in the mansion. She immediately tells them, "Before we start, I need to address something more serious! Unfortunately, I received a less positive message today: One of you must be in a committed relationship."

Uuuups! Since some men's jaw falls. Because they didn't expect so much shame? Or because most of them are not unique at all? Feelings like some may have caught, true to the motto "What? How did she get that?"

Only last year's winner Alex Hindersmann, who comes in the third episode to the other candidates, grins. He thinks, "My goodness, Gerda! Do you seriously think they are all here for you?" He already knows the RTL program …

Bachelorette 2019: Today Gerda Lewis wants to know the truth

Gerda urges those on the cards to put the cards themselves: "I'd like to talk to no one now. I want this man to come to me!"

And? Who dares? Just as the tension reaches its climax, Gerda lets out the air: "So, that's it. And now we can toast!" We suspect the villain will be revealed later.

This may be a happy vermouth maker Martini. Bottles with the red "Martini Pride" can be seen nearby. Also eyeglasses with the Martini logo, from which the candidates and Gerda – one of them will even pronounce it – absorb Martini Pride with Tonic. Discrete product placement looks different …

Tea is the first person to seek a one-on-one interview with the Miss. Does he have anything to confess? Already, but nothing about the wrong game. He whispers, "I haven't been so nervous in my life." Laaaangweilig!

Andreas is the next candidate. He talks about a mutual relationship and so on.

Okay, next is Oggy. He has something on his mind: "Gerda, how can I say it?" Oh, but here's something! Indeed, he shows off the beautiful "Pictures of my nephew and my Neffin." Listen correctly. Of course he means niece and niece. He wants to teach Gerda how important children are to him. Aha!

Mudi then has to compete with Gerda for a one-on-one interview. The spell starts immediately: "The word I just said: That had something to do with you!" Hah! Now we have the bum! Or not?

Is Bachelorette candidate Mudi a very bad finger?

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The lyrics: Mudi defends herself against Gerda's accusations

Mudi replies: "I can't confirm that. That's certainly not the case. I've been around for about a year now." However, a relationship exists! "It was back and forth. We also had contact again in the middle. Then we were together again and separated. But for now, I'm only a few months old!"

Gerda's facial expression suggests that she is anything but enthusiastic. As she reveals in a single player, she doubts Mudi's sincerity. "I didn't feel like he was telling me the truth 100 percent."

He justifies his zigzag course as follows: "I'm just a man too." Of course, you know this: you are sexually shattered, like a sailor after half a year at sea. And then send the former even sex pictures on the smartphone. What do you have to do there? Gerda certainly has a synonymous understanding …

And then the hammer! We find out what Mudi's shipping relationship is: Nathalia Goncalves Miranda, who was still in the "bachelor's degree" earlier this year! And there was something before the "bachelor's degree" and after the "bachelor's degree". Because Mudi really was with Andrej Mangold in hand.

Mudi has an online relationship with student Nathalia.


Now we also know how Bachelorette Gerda got wind of the story! RTL don't hide such filth alone!

With Mudi old feelings reappear after the conversation: "Through the discussions I realized that Nathalia was missing and that I often think of her. Mudi feels" as if I had fallen and suddenly Nathalia was mega. in my head! "

Unmarried candidate Nathalia: With this woman, a undergraduate candidate Mudi had something

On the Night of the Roses, the story takes an unexpected turn: Mudi leaves the show at will! Because: He still has great feelings for Nathalia.

Mudi: "On the one hand, I don't care about the person. She's really dear to my heart! On the other hand, I don't want to disappoint or hurt you. I didn't miss anything here!" Gerda says: "I wouldn't have given you a rose today. I think you need to explain something! "

Mudi doesn't have a problem with that either: My conscience wouldn't be there. "He hopes Nathalia will be fine. If she sees the action on TV, I think she's proud of me."

How does the story end? RTL keeps us updated. What's your bet?


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