Wednesday , January 27 2021

The electronic cyclist died after the accident

The bicycle driver died after an accident

KEFER MARKET / PRISEDT. The driver of the injured bicycle was injured two weeks ago in an accident that succumbed to his serious injury.

The cyclist was taken to Linz with the rescue helicopter, but after a week he succumbed to his injury. Photo: Schwarzenegger

The 66-year-old cyclist, who was seriously injured two weeks ago at Kaparmarket, fell on November 15, 2018 on the third campus, with severe head injuries.

On November 7, the Preistadter slipped from a team of tractors approaching on a piece of field. Before he could drive the bike back on the dirt road, it was probably due to the high end of the terrain with the skid bike. He fell and was badly hurt by the impact. The farmer who approached him provided initial help and announced rescue. The cyclist was flown to Linz with the rescue helicopter to the third campus, but died a week after his injury.

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