Thursday , November 26 2020

The Fourth Cinema Dimension

The fourth dimension of cinema

Pasching. Just sit there and let yourself be splashed – it's the end of the day in Hall 6 of Megaplex Hollywood at PlusCity in Pasching.

Hollywood Image:

The seats, which are grouped into groups of four, lift, tilt and tilt in all directions, shake the visitors through or vibrate gently beneath their seated flesh. But that's not all, even the weather is brought to the movies. A whirlwind swirls around the hair, water crashing against your face, and it flickers like a summer storm.

"This offer offers cinematic pleasure with all your senses," says Mario Heber, CEO of Megaplex Hollywood. "4DX increases the experience of different film genres many times." In addition to that already, there are also various fragrances ranging from chewing gum In short, the image-sound combination is extended by a physical component, the fourth dimension, so to speak.

M investment

"After the positive experience of Vienna, we decided to invest in this field." Approximately € 1.3 million was raised to the second cinema of only 4DX in Austria, the hall can accommodate 140 visitors. "This is the next level after IMAX and 3D," says Heber. In the background, 4DX professionals in Los Angeles, Yang and Seoul are responsible for optimizing the effects on film scenes. They exchange directly with producers and directors of film studios.

The first films shown in the new technology are "Operation: Overlord" and "Amazing Animal 2: Grindelwald Crime". It is important to visitors: Only one meter high is the entrance to the hall. Young children need the company of an adult. Also, it is not recommended to wear delicate garments or cups with more than 0.75 milliliter content. A few deterrents? "Of course there are people who say: I do not need it," says Huber. "That's why the target group is well defined."

For the card there is an extra charge of EUR 6 – so the cost of visiting the cinema for a person is around 20 Euro. "To offer you something, what you do not get at home," he is convinced. (purple)


From the point of view of cinema, this is the pure, soundless cinematic picture.


"Normal" cinema. On a flat surface transfer images with synchronous sound to run.


The spatial depth reaches it. It seems that things stand out from the canvas.


The effects can be felt in the physical scent depending on the place.

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