Saturday , May 27 2023

Therme drama: Bub (13) no longer appeared – Styria


His 13 and 14-year-old cousins ​​were in the pool and diving. For unknown reasons, 13 years old at the bottom of the pool dropped to the surface at 1:45 in the afternoon and did not come back.

Her cousin reacted with the spirit: she quickly pulled the 13-year-old boy out of the water and dropped it off the edge of the pool. As the boy did not breathe, the 14-year-old began to resuscitate. The baths and other baths supported it.

According to the police report, there were two Viennese doctors who helped adolescents. Shortly afterwards, the 13-year-old came again, fortunately it was approachable.

Put into coma

The boy was first transported by the Red Cross and transported by rescue helicopter to LKH Graz. Before the delivery, however, emergency doctors had artificially made the boy sleep. 13-year-old relatives are being treated by crisis management teams.

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