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"They've been deflowered anyway": Micaela Schäfer also without stockings on the prom


The little nude skin is not a problem - says Micaela Schäfer.

The little nude skin is not a problem – says Micaela Schäfer.(Photo: imago / eventfoto54)

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The bustle and bustle of Michaela Shaffer's final appearance in Austria never ends. Now, a self-proclaimed "snail" expresses the event again. It also unloads new slippery details.

Michael Shaffer is not aware of any guilt. For them there is nothing to complain about their nude appearance on the finish ball of High Technical College in Wales, Austria. This was already made clear in the first statement in which she dismissed criticism of her revealing show "Yesterday" and spoke of "images of socially-prescribed women."

Now 35-year-old puts in an interview with "" again. As a result, her appearance was even more than in the past thought, as previously stated, she just put on the underwear strip at the event school. In fact, she says "spontaneously" her underpants, says Shaffer now – "because I was somehow so happy on the stage and thought: 'God, they are so happy about a naked woman, it's amazing! Now also the hatch.'

"Nothing to display"

That's exactly what she does "twice a year during performances," explains Shefer. Although she had the idea that in this case it could be "a bit too much". "But God, I'm a naked woman, they are their age, they will not fain anyway," continues the slug to explain what is going on inside her. After all, "Yes, she does not do a porn show on stage." Everything was "very sophisticated", there was "nothing with the entrance, legs apart" or something similar.

She always asks those responsible before their performances, if she can take off her clothes, assures Ashar in conversation. Of course, I always suggest it – and 99.9% of the people want it because that's why they invite me, "she says." She was also the choice of the person in charge of finishing. "And he said very clearly:" Yes, of course, that's what That we really want! "Says Schäfer.

"Not so bad"

The rage, which was destroyed in front of a mainly young audience, can not understand the expert facts exposed. It was something big that the audience celebrated their show, my father, says Shaffer. As a mother, she "will not find it so bad if my son has now seen a naked woman," she explains, adding: "Everyone was already frightened, I would say."

The school's management assesses the performance of Shaffer, which was organized by the students themselves, but less loosely. Director Bertram Giegel announced that he would inform the district school council of the events and ensure that it would not happen again.



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