Sunday , May 28 2023

Weststeirer fell in three meters deep hole and died


Graz – The 73-year-old West Styria died after a hole in his home in the Deutschlandsberg district. The man was announced as absent from 30 October. Your sister has filed a complaint. The police search dog found the dead in All Saints Day, as the National Police Station announced on Friday.

The man in Deutschlandsberg, Germany, did not come home for several days. They saw him last Tuesday. That's why his brother meant offensive. In the police and fire research, the 73-year-old man was found by a dog breeder who died in a hole about three meters deep in his home. The body was restored by the fire brigade.

According to the police, the elderly, walking in the West Styria's head, ran into the hole and could not get rid of them. You were either strangled or thirsty. It was not clear how long it was in the hole. The body was released by the prosecutor for the funeral.

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