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What are the symptoms and how can I deal with the cold in the summer?


Cysts often occur in many people in the hot season. "Summer flu" is a family term without medical definition. The cause of the disease is some pathogens. "These viruses have nothing to do with the actual flu," says Georg Pauli of the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin. "Although there are symptoms of high fever, cough or malaise, the causative agents are completely different viruses." The real flu often goes much harder.

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What can cause summer flu?

the Causes of summer flu are the same as in cold season cold diseases: it is an infection with viruses that occurs especially in summer. When people get crowded – for example at summer festivals, at an outdoor pool, at a summer sale, on a bus or on an air trip – the viruses come in very short ways: You get coughing, talking or sucking on your partner.

Sweat and cold projects often cause cold

If a heated and sweaty body is exposed to increased projects in the summer – for example from an open car window or air conditioner – the mucous membranes become dry and therefore no longer able to perform their function properly as a "protective shield". This is why viruses are more likely to invade the body and cause summer flu.

In addition to cold symptoms, fever, fear, headache, ear and throat pain, vomiting, diarrhea or abdominal pain often occur. Viruses can invade only all the mucous membranes in the body, explains the Baden-Wrttemberg Medical Council.

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How do I quickly get rid of summer flu?

Contradictions can be taken, among other things, with healthy nutrition and exercise. It depends on frequency, not intensity. In other words, it would be better to swear daily than to train hard in the gym only once a week.

The summer flu is usually not dangerous and after a few days it is overcome. Physical protection, sufficient fluid intake with cold drinks as well as a fever-cold calf wrap up the quick healing. If symptoms persist for more than three days, seek medical attention.

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