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With Huawei to our favorite places | THE TYROLINE – fashion


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Being at home where others spend their holidays: Austria is impressed by its diversity. Amazing nature and crystal clear lakes meet cultural sights and vibrant cities. As part of Huawei's international photo competition, InFocus, we have now begun to look for the most beautiful places in Austria, the true "Undiscovered Beauty". Equipped with the current flagship flagship handset, the Huawei P30 Pro with a Leica quarter camera, the editors of the federal state magazines show us their favorite places – from chilled water to the coffee shop.

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Since the beginning of the VORARLBERGER I have been the creative leader of the team and always curious. Summer time is a holiday season in Bregenz. During the day the auditorium is freely accessible, in the upper rows there are cool shady places. A perfect combination of art, architecture and nature. A slight breeze blows from the lake, and despite the tourists, you can enjoy an intimate atmosphere and read a book or shoot photos of the breathtaking landscape. Pleasure with the new Huawei P30 Pro: I'm impressed by the extremely fast camera time – no matter if day or night -, the uncomplicated menu navigation and the incredibly high resolution even close. Nothing is hidden.

Manuela Christa, graduate graphic designer VORARLBERGERIN

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The most beautiful place in Tyrol is not a place for me, but a feeling: the feeling of peace, of relaxation and balance. On the way in the mountains I let go of stress and excitement and take a deep breath. No matter if it's a mountain lake, peak or alpine hut – high up the road I discover so many new favorite places.
With the Huawei P30 Pro, I found the perfect companion for my discovery tours, thanks to an outstanding camera and uncomplicated operating memorable moments forever.

Anja Venier, Deputy Editor-in-Chief TIROLERIN

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I have been an editor for over three years look! Salzburg and maybe write about people and their very personal stories. My passion is not only to write, but also to photograph and search for sometimes quite hidden motives. That's why I often go to my favorite place – probably the most famous place in Salzburg – Mirabellplatz. Dream location with a cultivated green area, Blumen parades and a direct view over the Hohensalzburg fort. Perfect for giving a free mode to creativity and a camera lens! This time I'm on the road with the Huawei P30 Pro, a smartphone with a nice design. It is very fast and in my opinion has a top camera! Due to the ease of use and the relatively large image sensor you can achieve good results even in light conditions. The smartphone is definitely something for photography lovers!

Elisabeth Trauner, editor look! Salzburg

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The Salzkammergut has always fascinated not only everyone with rank, name and (king) title, but everyone else as well. No wonder: in our fast pace it seems like a paradise on earth. Thanks to my grandmother, I have the good fortune to come here often, especially to the Attersee – and then there's the chance to just hang out with coffee and bacon, good talks, a boat trip and soaking in the cold water.
With the Huawei P30 Pro you can quickly capture these special moments of life – and in a quality that a smartphone would never expect! Whether portrait mode, night shot or macro, the miraculous thing shakes everything sharply in the box. As a passionate amateur photographer I can only say: I'm excited!

Denise Derflinger, Editor OBERÖSTERREICHERIN

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He is an oasis that unites with every mood! Although I am inextricably linked with our caravan, I dedicate these photos to a place I don't even need a bike to reach: the Harrach Park in Bruck an der Leitha. He is magical. In every season. A historic park in which nature has the word, which may accidentally abstain from geometric beds. A hidden treasure full of green, blooming, creeping, floating, fragrant jewelry. We love him.

My kids want to discover and hit the wheels, the positions last up to a few seconds;) How awesome if you like a professional camera out of your pocket – the Huawei P30 Pro offers plenty of editing options, but those colorful images succeed without any.

Kery-Erdélyi Victory, Editor NIEDERÖSTERREICHERIN

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Mia Graz – excursion with my son Joia. Graz is a green and mainly Mediterranean city. In my free time, I love strolling through the city park and the Schlossberg, because you can enjoy nature in the middle of the city center and enjoy a wonderful view of Graz on Schlossberg. Increasingly, many details, such as the Chinese Pavilion, are waiting to be discovered. There are also cozy cafés that invite you to stay. My partner, the Huawei P30 Pro, is very easy to handle and self explanatory. The camera is just scary – I'm thrilled!

Nicole Niederl, STEIRERIN Administration

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The Lendspitz in Klagenfurt is one of my favorite places on the Wörthersee. Turquoise blue water meets total peace here. Here you can jump for a swim in the lake or just enjoy a good book. From the sky over the lake – on a perfect summer day, the whole place shines in all blue faces – thanks to the Huawei P30 Pro's outstanding camera also perfect and easy to hold for eternity. The result is high quality images that leave me dreaming of this perfect summer for a long time.

Daniela Hofer, Editor of KÄRNTNER MONAT

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As an unconditionally selfless person, I'm just not in the best hands in Burgenland. As a German-speaking winemaker, I love the relationship between eating, drinking and socializing. The special gift of the "gift house" of the Strehn family in Deutschkreutz is the place that optimally fuses all these attributes for me. The Strehn winemaker has ruled Heurigen for several years as a family business in addition to the internationally renowned viticulture. With special delicacies such as goose sushi, beef tartare or smoked trout each season something new on the menu, and yet the traditional Brettljause is never lacking.

The perfect destination for me and my Huawei P30 Pro. There is no need for a photography specialist for this mobile phone. Equipped with a highly advanced Leica camera, the smartphone is much more than just a phone. Photo editing has never been so easy and varied. Various settings and effects make an incredible choice, which is not overestimated because it is simply categorized. For those who value ease of use, visual diversity and high quality, the Huawei P30 Pro is the handle of the right smartphone.

Nicole Schlaffer, editor BURGENLÄNDERIN

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When I'm not working, I study and travel a lot in my Grätzl. I live in the 9th district, so I walk to the main university and take it all too much as an express, like the Strudlhofstiege. Because, as the saying goes, travel is the goal. For me, the Strudlhofstiege is an oasis of peace amidst all the urban tension – and yet it is in the midst of anxiety. The Huawei InFocus Award 2019 has given me the opportunity to capture these moments in perfect quality. The new Huawei P30 Pro is equipped with an innovative Leica square camera and allows even an amateur photographer like me to take good pictures!

Carla Hoffmann, editor! delay

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Café Neko is located in the heart of downtown Vienna on a charming side street. Here you can enjoy the taste of the classic Viennese cafe culture while living out their love for animals. The five cats who run the café have all been adopted by the shelter and enjoy the daily human connection. Many do not know this wonderful place yet, so this is my personal #undiscover.

The cafeteria itself does not exhibit very well, otherwise it would be uncomfortable for the animals. But that's not a problem for the Huawei P30 Pro. Despite the darkness, wonderful and particularly sharp photos could be taken. I personally recommend the 40 MP camera to all amateur photographers!

Harneel Singh, lead look! delay

Participation is worth it!

The Huawei InFocus Award is a photo contest that consists of six categories (#Emotion Diary, Hello, Life!).

Huawei InFocus Award 2019: Take part in the international photo contest until August 11th! Attractive prizes await the winners. You can find all the information about the award here:

Specifications Huawei P30 Pro

the Huawei P30 Pro Not only impresses with its four extraordinary colors, but also with the world's first high definition Leica square camera 40 megapixels,

The Huawei P30 Pro at a glance:

  • Size – 6.47 "
  • Weight (in g) – 192
  • Resolution (in pixels) – 2,340 x 1,080
  • Main Camera – 40MP (Main) + 20MP (Ultra-Wide) + 8MP (Telephoto) + TOF
  • Front camera – 32MP camera
  • Video Resolution – UHD 4k
  • Top Features – Master AI 2.0, 960 FPS Slow-Mo
  • Operating system – Android 9.0+ HUAWEI EMUI 9.1
  • Internal memory – 128 GB
  • Memory (RAM) – 6 GB
  • USB connection – Type C USB 3.1 Gen1

Available in the colors:

  • Aurora
  • Breathable Crystal
  • Amber sunrise
  • black
Image Huawei P30 Pro All Colors.jpg

Photo: Huawei

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