Wednesday , February 8 2023

Barcelona starts with a quote in La Liga


Barcelona stumbled in their opening match at the Spanish League. Defend champions Bilbao Athletic in the opening match yesterday.

Barcelona lost 1-0 against Athletic Bilbao's home field. Lionel Messi was not in the XI due to injury. Barca couldn't match without him. Due to poor athletic Bilbao, guests must leave the field quickly.

The start of the match is good Barcelona. Twice opportunities were created to design the attack, but they could not use it. The first opportunity came in the 8th minute of the match. Luis Suarez got the ball inside the D-Box after forgetting to defend his opponent. But his shot returned to the leg at the cross. Then came the second chance in the 7th minute. This time the high-angle shot taken by Brazilian midfielder Raphinier returns to the crossbar.

After several successive occasions, Barsa falls under some pressure. In the 5th minute, Suarez left the field with an injury to his right leg muscle.

At the end of the match, Bar েয়ে was sitting in the opposite goal. Spanish forward Aris Aduris scored a great bicycle kick in the 8th minute to give Athletic Bilbao the victory.

Real Madrid will start a new season in La Liga on Saturday. Real will face Celtic Vigo in their first match. The match will start at 4 pm Bangladesh time.

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