Thursday , June 17 2021

Finally, the first picture of Difica and Ranbier's marriage! See …

Deepika Vernber

Stop finally waiting, the first official picture of Difica and Ranbier's wedding. It is viral when the new married image reaches the public. This image was to be officially published by Deepak. At 6 pm to 7 pm, but this time he was publicly posted at 8:00 am Indian. The photograph was posted on the social site of Deepika Vranbier.

These two images were published on the social site of Renbir and Deepika. It is quite understandable to see the two pictures, the first of these two is Kankey and the other is Sindhi style wedding pictures. Renbier wore a pong in white and a Dottie and a gold-colored dagger in a gold-plated wedding ceremony. In the second film, Ranbir Singh looks after Lal Sarewani and his head turban Red Deepika handles Lal Leenga.

Deepika Vernber

Meanwhile, thanks to all the well-blessed on Thursday after the marriage ceremony was completed, Deepika said.

On 14 November, the wedding ceremony of "Dipbir" was completed in the style Kanki in Lake Komoto of Italy. Then again on Thursday, November 15, Renbier and Deepika sat on a Cindy Fong-style wedding again. After spending 6 years in love, this popular star is finally associated with marriage. Dipbir was dressed in a fashionable design by fashion designer Bangli Sabyasachi Mukhopadhayay in two wedding ceremonies.

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