Sunday , January 24 2021

"If I could make a better ball than I would give up playing"

Test Beast 005. They are not in another place, as in the realm of God. In 2006, he received the ODI and T20 team. Says the words of Shahdat Hussain Ragheb colored clothes did not get much chance of cricket. But time was wearing white clothes for a while. At the time of the injury, Mashrafe Bin Mortaza, sometimes, was the martyr of Bangladesh's best attack.

Suhad Hussein and Marza

But time was long gone. They have their own responsibility. The last test was played in May of the same year in October the same year the employee entered the prison for torture. His wife had to go to jail. The perception of how hard the environment was then, she was a little convincing.

Maybe the environment taught a lot of martyrdom! The ball came out of prison and came to practice with the ball. The 32-year-old Pacer, who has tried to free himself from this situation, is trying to build himself. It was successful, the last National Cricket League (NCL) played five games, 17 wickets. After the show, the selectors also spoke with Shahdat.

Suhad Hussein

If Ashbud did a great job in the Cricket League Bangladesh (BCL) that will start after a few days, it will be considered a tour in New Zealand in February. But surprisingly, the team did not accept the BCL martyrdom! No group bought it. Depressed by depression, a long pacer breaks.

Shathat's remarks also reflected how much trouble the group had not received. Shahadat said in an interview to the press: "These are senior caricatures, they are not old yet, and I can still challenge and say that if a fast bowler can make a better ball than me, then I will leave the game. I have not played cricket before, I'm still talking at a speed of about 140 kilometers. Not too old. If I am a good bowler, good fitness, then why not get the chance?

Shahadat said, "A big disappointment, I believe that someone will take me to the team, and I thought that if Cooper took a quick turn, I might get a chance."

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