Thursday , June 17 2021

Nailer Series Site in the World

There is nothing new to introduce Naila Nayeem. If he is a doctor, he is seen as a doctor. His first series & Jamai Babu Bowdi and Killer & # 39; It has already been revealed in the world. Previously he was in the discussion working on music videos and advertisements. This time the different series of web sites came.

January 24, series of Jamai Babu Bowdi and Killer & # 39; was released on the YouTube channel of firing in Calcutta. Director Shamimul Islam Shamim created a short dialog and script. Produced by Tumpa Ahmad from Bangladesh and Sharma of Calcutta.

In the network serious, opposite actress Nayla actor Saif Chandan and the sky are intense. In addition to acting, the sky is intensely administered.

Nayama Nayeem commented on this new work, "I did the same thing for the first time. Before I worked in ads, music videos and particles, I'm afraid of this work, because the audience has taken the previous actions very well. How to accept this work. I'll tell everyone that you see the straight line. If you like it, my egoism.

A short duration of 30 minutes It has a song. Balaan Khan, the popular artist of the time, sang the song on the sky and wrote the song. Shamim Mahmud composed music by Shamim Mahmud.


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