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On the first, fair income tax has accumulated throughout the country

On the first, fair income tax has accumulated throughout the country

  • 46,401 people submitted the return

Economic correspondent on the first day, fair income tax has accumulated across the country. Since the inauguration, taxpayers have increased at the fair due to filing income tax return e-TIN registration. The Club Club Club Club of Bailey had become a taxpayer's lunch. On the first day of the fair, 46,000 401 people filed income tax returns across the country. Besides, the IRS collected was 218 crore 42 lakh 77,000 48 taka. 1 lakh 13000 699 people attended the fair and this is much more than the last time. Janakantha's team has sent news about income and fair income tax in all counties and counties, upazilas counties including Dhaka. Taxpayers can submit income tax returns for 2018-1919.

Earlier, Finance Minister Abul Abed Abd Al-Muhiyyat opened the weekly income tax fair on Tuesday. At the same time, the nation's people are now paying taxes that quality of life is improving. People are paying the line now, this is the great success of this government. Before fear, no one dared to pay taxes, and today is respectable with voluntary taxes. The biggest thing is that the country's youth community is encouraged to pay taxes. They come forward to pay spontaneously.

The finance minister said, in a number of ways about 10 million people are paying taxes in the country. There are many types of taxes today, all taxed by one crore people today, and there is such information available to the government. It is a matter of our credit that one of the crore taxpayers among 16 million people. But under the current government headed by the League headed by Awami, we are not satisfied with the development of the country.

Said Muhith, with this quota one more than a million taxpayers should be involved. Elsewhere, 40 million people are taxable. Minister of Finance said that during the current government, different types of civil services have increased, the quality of life of the people is constantly changing. Now, if you want anywhere in Bangladesh, you can continue to drive. This opportunity was not even 30 years ago. As a result, the pace of the economy is growing and discrimination among the country's citizens is declining. According to him, the discrimination still exists, it has not been completely removed. But it is going to be drastically reduced. He said, once the poverty rate was 70 percent in the country. Now it's up to 22 percent.

In fact, there are currently 35 lakh people of IRS identification numbers (TIN) across the country. Of these, two lakhs of income tax returns. The National Council of Revenues (NBR) set the target to increase the number of E-TIN to 50 lakh in the next two years by increasing the number of this lakh 35. At one point only seven lakh taxpayers can receive income tax from the country. This number has now grown to over 30 million. If a person who taxpayers have disabled children or adoptive parents, his tax-free income will increase by 50 thousand rupees for each child or groom.

That is, if taxpayers have a disabled child or a follower, his free income tax will be three lakh taka. And those whose annual income is less than 250,000 tons, they will not have to pay taxes. Chairman of the NBR Program Chairman Mosharraf Hossain Bhuiyan said, the trend of income tax in the country has increased, but it is still less than 10 percent of GDP.In neighboring countries, this rate is 15 percent.It said tax payment is no longer a reason People are now paying taxonomies for fear.

He learned that the fair income tax will be organized in seven cities and a division including Dhaka from November 19. In addition, all provincial towns will be held four days and 32 upazilas for two days. As well as at 72 growth centers in the Upazila level, fair fair day fair "will take place from 9:00 to 5:00 pm, there are opportunities for potential taxpayers, taxpayers and taxpayers in the future to sign up for one e-TIN.Therefore, training will be given on return, Tax and Tax Stalls Various tax booths have been set up for each Dhaka tax area this year, and a help desk opens at the fair to help taxpayers complete their return.In addition, Sonali Bank, an anthrax bank established by the taxpayer Fair, can file a tax Their income in the basic bank is limited.

The Income Tax Fair was born in Chittagong on the first day. The team wrote from Chittagong said that the fair income tax has started in Chittagong as the country. Mayor Ahmed Nasr Odin inaugurated the weekly fair on Tuesday morning. On the first day an audience of taxpayers and interest was caught. All services related to the IRS are on the same roof. At the fair, officials of the tax department and concerned agencies including the bank are busy in the mirror.

Mayor of CHIC AHM Nasser Udine stressed the importance of building tax culture to maintain the country's economic progress and development trend. Members of the National Committee of Revenue (Appeal Tax and Exemption), Roushan Ara Akter, Excise Customs and VAT Commissioner Commissioner Chittagong Sayyid Golem Kibria, President of the Republic of Thailand and President Mahbubul Alam, Region Tax-1 Commissioner M Motahar Hossain, Department of Management of The University of Dhaka was present on the opening day, Professor Max Akias, member of the Court of Appeals, Sayed Abu Daoud Faram B.

According to sources income tax department, the target for tax collection in Chittagong in 2018 has been Tk 14,400 crore. In 2017, revenues were 10 thousand taka 11 crore. Meanwhile, the fair income tax Tk 329,000 70 lakh 981 against 32 thousand 984 returns. This year's fair is expected to earn more taxes.

All types of services are available under one roof at Chittagong Fair Income Tax. The stand was set up by Sonali, Anata and the Elementary Bank. On the first day, the presence of taxpayers on the stand was observed. Employees are employed at the fastest time in the chartering scheme. A large part of the fair is a large part of the younger generation. They try to find different things. Many people collect new TIN numbers. NBR took the initiative to reduce taxpayers among ordinary people. In the first year, it looked grand, but gradually began to respond to fair income tax in the general public.

Litton called on candidates to examine the source of income of candidates seeking the source of income. Staff reporter from Rajshahi said Mayor Rajshahi City (RCC) Mayor AHM Khairuzzaman Litton called for the nomination of candidates seeking the source of revenue for the election. Litton urged the department's officers to investigate how many people had bought papers for the election of the MP, and some of them had provided income tax. He said, "Let us all do the rags, build the land, donate their places, donate, pride, pay taxes, give tax to the state, it will be 5 thousand, or 5 million or 5 million dollars. This is the vow of the week, the oath of the day. "

He said these things as the main guest at the inauguration of the tax fair organized by the tax district, Shahi. Mayor Khairuzzaman Litton said, why will there be only 35 lakh taxpayers in the country of 18 million people? Why would not it be 13 million, why would not it be the shovel? In the developed world, 99% of taxes, we do not have to pay tax of 99%, at least 25% of taxpayers.

Mayor Khaireuzzaman Litton has called for more than 4,000 forms of appointment of the League Association, several thousand will be raised from the BNP, to be called to examine the tax for candidates and candidates for the next parliamentary elections. Please see if you are looking for a little, so I will not pay a tax of more than 50 percent of my candidate nomination candidates. They have to catch them. Now is the time to stop all this nonsense, manipulation, irregularities, corruption. The state goes ahead and the morality will be lost? He said that despite the development of the state, today it is not developed with morality. After the tax fair mayor Khairuzaman Litton gave his income tax and social worker from the Awami League city of Shah Akhtar income tax. Then Mayor Hirtzman Liton inaugurated the balloon and the doves to blow up the fair.

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