Sunday , January 17 2021

Pakistan is under 23 team

Bangladesh under 23 cricket team will tour Pakistan in early December to play the emerging Asian Cup. The hosts in Pakistan, Hong Kong and the UAE are hosting the Tigers in the A & M Group. Groups "B" will be held in Colombo, Sri Lanka. BCB CEO Nizam Odin Choudori-type said so.

He also said that the BCB president was elected president of the Asian Cricket Council, and proved that Bangladesh has progressed in governance as well as in government.

Pakistan is not trying to keep pace with international efforts to return to the international cricket state and should pay the damages in the 2009 attack on the Sri Lanka team bus. However, recent incidents of assault have declined. As a result, Pakistan has begun to acquire new security. The cricket board of the country is very active in this area.

Pakistan organizes series or tournaments with selected teams and age groups, although it does not return to international cricket in a big way. Now the emerging Asian Cup is set for Karachi Sri Lanka has been hosted in India and has not agreed to travel to Pakistan but Bangladesh under Team 23 is a Pakistan tour. Bangladesh will play against hosts Pakistan, Hong Kong and the UAE. The group.

Nizamuddin Chowdhury said, "The first round of Pakistan is organized in Pakistan.Our team will participate in it.So they are planned so far.In the host country of the emerging trophy, there are two main players – one is Pakistan and another is Sri Lanka. We're getting ready for that. "

The hosts Sri Lanka, India, Afghanistan and Oman will take place in group "B" in Colombo. The final of the tournament and finals will also take place in Colombo.

Meanwhile, the Asian Cricket Council Assisi meeting was held in Karachi. The President of the European Central Bank, Namamul Hassan Pappon, assumed responsibility as president. As a result, the cricket of the country will continue ahead, BCB CEO said.

Because of our strong position in Big Thri, they were forced to stay away from many problems and later the issue of promotion and decline has left the whole world cricket policy or strategy.

Nizamuddin believes that Bangladesh's position in cricket diplomacy was strong due to an improved field game. protection status

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