Monday , June 21 2021

Speaking to the Prime Minister, the mayor of the police took fish

The police were forced to take a police purchase saying the PM sent to the municipal mayor's office. Many discussions have taken place in this event.

He is accused of being Barek Molla Municipality of Kuyakata mayor of Patuakhali. And the name of that police Shah Alam Li is the sub-inspector of the tourist police.

Shah Alam said his brother's marriage to February 1. For this reason, he sought two large coral fish for several days. 3-4 days before buying 10 kg 300 grams and 6 kg of two coral fish weighing 100 grams. The price is 22 thousand tats. The fish had to send the fish home on Saturday afternoon. For this Bashir left a merchant named Fasal to hold the fish.

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The police said that Friday at noon, Bashiro summoned him and told him to take his frozen coral fish, two municipal mayor of Kuakata, Barek Mollah. In the meantime he talked to the mayor.

The mayor told him that the fish should be sent to the Prime Minister. I do not get such a big fish, and can you get such a big fish from the police? I am a mayor of Quaqueror I will take it.

Mayor Abdul Barek Mollah said they were false allegations. Everybody knows about me I am not the person to do that.

Mohipur Police Station OC Saidur Rahman said, I heard the event. The thing is very sad.

Ittefaq / Z.H.

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