Sunday , November 29 2020

The first honor of politicians in politics is the 'appointment form'.

The popularity of the Crichter Mashrafe Bin Mortaza and the reception of their compatriots is questionable. He also received respect in politics. The League's policy makers in the oases show that honor does not receive the price of their appointment form.
Secretary General of the League of Nations and member of the system of the Awami League, which refuse to reveal the name, told the Bengali Tribune.

They said, the national captain of Bangladesh Cricket Academy Mashrafe Bin Mortaza gave a form for candidacy on Sunday as the Parliamentary Council of the Awami League. The decision of the policy makers of the Awami organization was decided to respect this patriot by acknowledging Marsh's unique contribution to the cricket. Mashraf tried to pay the price while receiving the form, but he was not accepted.

The national captain of Captain Mashrafe Bin Mortaza has collected application forms for the Nariail-2 seats from Awami Secretary Aviad Kuadar,
They confirmed that the creditor wants to buy the form at a fixed price. But the top leaders of the stormy league refused to accept the price of its shape because of its contribution to the cricket of Bangladesh.
It should be noted that the form of appointment of the League Party of Awimi was taken to 30 thousand taka.
On Sunday, is threatening the appointment of the candidate of the Awami League to a candidate for the Narel-2 team.
Leaders of the League of Awakening said that Mashrafe Bin Mortaza alias Kaushik has established himself as a pure person for the nation's people. The heart of the people of this land was conquered through his play and other activities. Sometimes it became a symbol of humanity, reflecting the image of a pure patriot. Therefore, the president of the party and the thoughts of the prime minister are very high on him.
Before buying a popular player in Bangladesh, before meeting the Awami League president and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at his home in Ganobhaban. With his greetings, he appeared in the office of the League of Awami and bought the form. The president of the Austrian League, Musaref, prepared the form before arriving at Denmendi's political office. Volunteers gave the form to the party secretary, Abediol Quader. In the presence of other leaders, the form was delivered to the crematoria.

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