Monday , January 18 2021

The prime minister took upon himself the care of Amjad Hussein

Bdnews24 Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has taken upon himself the responsibility of the head of the Straw Mind, Amjad Hussein.

Dr. Hossain was hospitalized at Impel Hospital in Tejgaon after a stroke on Sunday morning. It is preserved with the support of life. Deputy Prime Minister Ashrawal Alam Khan told reporters that on Tuesday afternoon, the two sons of Sheikh Hussein Dodoul and Suhul Arman met with Amjad Hussein. During this period, the prime minister asked about the director of the film and asked for his treatment.

Amjad Hossain is treated under the general supervision of Dr. Shahidullah Sabuj under the ICU of Impalts Hospital.

Before the hospital's intensive care center, Mohuddin Maghudhudhury told the that the famous director had received a major stroke. The accumulation of the brain of the blood vessels was determined by a CT scan.

Six months ago he underwent surgery in a well-equipped hospital in Thailand.

The doctors said Amjad Hussein was suffering from complications of old age. There is a problem with kidney and heart.

Born on August 14, 1942, Amg Hossain, native of Jamalpur, is also known as a writer and actor outside the film.

His arrival in the silver screen in 1961, in the film "Herna Dean" later, however, he concentrated on composing and directing a screenplay. His first management venture "Game", released in 1967 his films as "Bahat Day", "Pinky Now Train", and many films were also evaluated by the audience and intellectuals. He received four National Film Awards for writing, screening and directing. Besides, Akashay Pudak and the Independence Award were also awarded.

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