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The wife's wife was in the dress

Wife Jebun Nahar also worked as her husband. Every month she wanted to pay her mother and father a little money from the wage she received. But Rafiqul Islam Sheikh's husband received the help. Jabun Nahar, claimed that the police asked him to strike in different cases, but not just the obstacle.

At one point in his mind the husband's anger accumulated. If there is a dispute, then the husband kills after the anger. Even after the murder, the cruelty of the husband on the head of the body is atrocious.

In the early police interrogation on Friday night, he described the killing of Jebun Nahar. Shibir Police Station Sub-Inspector Shahidul Islam Molla said the case will be confiscated under section 164 by Jabun Nahar Court on Saturday.

Mr. Shahidul Islam Molah said that at the initial interrogation, Jebun Nahar said his husband (Jebun) was disputing with her husband, young in the morning. In one stage of the battle, he met Rafiqul on his head with a brick. Rafiqul became unconscious about that. Later, Rafiqul was extraordinary to kill with a cloth on his neck. After the death was confirmed, the body went to the workplace in the lobby of the house. At that time, their daughter was next to Jebun Nahar's younger sister.

She was in her sister's house until 11am from work until 11pm. It eats dinner at Jebun. He went to his house about 11 in the kitchen and hung the kitchen. Then, after the clothes, the husband's body was taken out and cut two legs first. Then, cut off the two hands and cut off his head.

The 6 pieces were filled with bag for the disappearance of the body. After that, two hands and separate heads were dragged into the ground. Then he left the house with a hundred forty of the house. It is about 400 yards away from the back of the toilet, two pieces of foot. Leave the car to hold two hands and a broken head next to the toilets. Jebun Nahar hides out of the last piece used.

If Shahidul Islam Molla said that based on the confession of Jebun Nahar, the batiaties used for the atrocities were captured.

Sreepur Police Station Officer in Jabedul Islam said Abdul Latif, father of Rafiqul Islam, presented a case against Jabun Nahar at the Sreepur Police Station.

Shihab Khan / FA / JIM

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